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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 20, 2004 12:14 PM Flag

    Am I the first short on this board?

    My point is many people here ARE married to this stock. Many speak of the "story" and holding for the long term...$65, $100.....
    You're right, if you are smart enough to get out before the music stops then who cares. But there is so much greed here. So much greed that no one seems to know or care that this is a chopshop stock.

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    • Well first the company hasn't been around that long, but it does sell at least 2 excellent products. I know b/c I've used them both (Osteon & deFEET/Termin8). :)

      Also, re the price movement, it had been moving BEFORE the split announcement, so clearly there's interest above/beyond those who want to take advantage of the split. Where it winds up in 10 years who knows, but I'd guess that near-term there really is institutional interest, given the size of the float and the relative newness of the opportunity.

      Next, as a short-term play it seems a no-brainer, given the often quite powerful & bullish effect of split announcements, particularly when combined with tiny floats.

      Finally, VALE is an extremely promising delivery system, with potential applications ranging from tobacco to pain to many of the newer pharmaceutical products which can't be administered orally.

      Not at all a "chop-shop" stock, but an early-stage entrepreneurial opportunity. Exactly how the company describes itself.

    • straightflushpokerface straightflushpokerface Feb 20, 2004 12:22 PM Flag

      not enough shares out there to support it. Were do you guys learn to invest at. because
      Recently, there has been significant demand for our common stock at the institutional level,"