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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 20, 2004 10:02 AM Flag


    You obviously work for Kashner Davidson. Nobody could be that blind or stupid. If you type in Kashner into a search engine you clearly see they are a chopshop.
    Basically all their IPOs of the last 5 or 6 years are either bankrupt and not trading or on the BB trading for pennies. Yet VAPH is going to, where, 50?? 100??
    If you had actually done the research you'd be running for the hills. You obviously have an agenda.

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    • yet another intelligent reply backing up your long position. It's about facts, not cherrleading and rhetoric.

    • Hey Zarmann, guess you were one of the shorts that got it stuck up the place where the sun doesn't shine . . feels good doesn't it? Go crying to the SEC and NASD did you? Oh boy, that will really help you out of your misery won't it? Get a life, and hitch a ride to take a poke at a rolling donut! Oh, Vaso should be real scared with your pathetic drivel. Actually your comments didn't deserve a retort but your message was so stupid that I just could not help it.

    • Good post, indeed.

    • I disagree Kitten, i think many people are seeing dollar signs and falling in love. Momentum players, God bless 'em, they know what they are doing, but too many peole here saying things like "long term hold". Watch out.
      By the way, I have emailed the SEC and the NASD to investigate the price movement and trading of this stcok, as well as the press release re: institutions. Call the company and ask them about this, see if you get a differnt answer than me.

    • I don't think anyone is falling in love. I think they're just looking for a momentum play.
      If you're in the business though you better be careful what you post here. Unless you mean you're an independent trader.

      Heck I'd guess that at least half the companies registered with the exchanges should be investigated.

      Until I get back in, though, I wish you luck. :)

      Definitely appreciate the civil discourse.

    • Kitte, you're right, I am short, and about to be more short. But this whole chophouse thing really bothers me. I am in the investment business, and it is just really bad for my industry. Alot of people here and everywhere are falling in love with this company and will get hurt very badly eventually. I really believe this stock is head for under a dollar. May not be soon, but that is where it should go. Could take 2 months or 2 years, I don't know. i do know that people like Kashner and his Pseudo-brokers shouldn't make money from the honest people buying their stock.

    • Just my two cents....talked to a doctor friend last night and had him look at it. He said this is the future and should do extremely well, esp. with AIDS and Hep C situations arising out of need sticks. So, this is FWIW. Only time will tell. None of us has a crystal ball. I don't think they are scamming us at all. I feel the people involved are not that type, but decent folks and we all could have made money if we just hung in there. I'm in for the second time around. We will just have to see. Very low float, so makes sense to split it.

    • Yea right!! total scam!!! I also live in the area and can tell you must be one hell of a scam. First the put up a FAKE building, gave me and hundreds of others(probably movie extras) a FAKE tour of the company, Introduced us to their FAKE product, then made us a FAKE offer for stock before the IPO came out. Yep so good at scamming that they convinced the SEC to allow them to issue an IPO. You know they dont have anyone there that is smart enough to sniff out this BIG SCAM!!

      Only scam here is you trying to convince everyone here to sell so that you can cover your short. LOL ROFLMAO. As bugs bunny would say... "what a maroon"

    • Make no mistake about it! MD's are the holders of this stock.

    • rise 300% before splits.
      read this line.
      patented transdermal (i.e. through the skin) drug delivery technology of its parent company, BioChemics, Inc. This technology provides a highly efficient, reliable and targeted method of drug delivery that does not require the use of a needle or patch and eliminates many of the common side effects of pills, such as bleeding and ulcers.

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