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  • tunes0801 tunes0801 Feb 21, 2004 9:06 AM Flag

    Barron's take

    Hot Feet

    While the worthy Applied Materials can't move investors, a Nasdaq SmallCap stock with a treatment for athlete's foot jumped 50% on Friday. Shares of Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals rose 11 bucks, to 33, on more than 2.6 million shares trading volume. Touching off the excitement was an announcement by the Danvers, Mass., firm that it will split its stock this week 3-for-1.

    Vaso Active has been a public company for less than four months, since it raised $8.3 million in a $5-a-share December initial offering underwritten by the Sarasota, Fla.-based penny stock underwriter Kashner Davidson. The company sells bug repellant and skin liniment over the Internet. That's earned it a market cap of about $100 million, at last week's price, but not a lot else. It lost $350,000 on sales of $52,000 in the nine months ended September 2003.

    But wait, the company has a new athlete's foot treatment called Termin8, that -- according to Vaso Active's Website -- comes recommended by Salomon Daniel Monteiro, holder of the world record for juggling a soccer ball on his feet.

    It's also recommended, according to the Website, by the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. I couldn't reach Vaso Medical when I called them on Friday, but I did reach the president of the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. "We don't know anything about this product," said Dr. David Z. Ascher, "and we have never endorsed a product in our life."

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