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  • hrcusa hrcusa Feb 21, 2004 2:39 PM Flag

    Kashner Bashner

    Kashner makes a good target for the shorts. However, the shorts consistently confuse the real issues relative to our IPO and Kashner:

    1) This was an IPO that raised $7.5 million. Tiny by most IPO standards. Who did you think was going to takes us out Goldman? JP Morgan? Yeah right! Those guys COST $7.5 million. It had to be someone much smaller with smaller fees. Duh.

    2) Show me one of these firms that hasn't been sued for very serious issues. Goldman, JP Morgan (maybe the worst?), Morgan Stanley, all big names sure, BUT they've been sued a thousand times for transgressions in the market. To single out Kashner is silly. ALL of these companies are designed to take our money. Regulation is non-existant. Penalties are a joke.

    3) It worked! Say what you want about Kashner's past but in this case it worked pretty well. In fact, can anyone remember a more successful IPO in the past 2-3 years? I can't.

    So there ya go... I don't know Kashner, never heard of them before this IPO, and I'll probably never hear of them again. Their importance in the future of this stock is now zero. Thanks for taking us to the dance boys!

    Best of Luck,
    - HRC

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