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  • jonny3hairs jonny3hairs Feb 22, 2004 7:07 PM Flag

    Super Low float either way & no options

    when a $60.00 dollar stock splits 3 for 1 it is now a $20.00 dollar stock!

    So why care about getting the Split???

    Some people should not be trading stocks.

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    • From Barron's

      ....... But wait, the company has a new athlete's foot treatment called Termin8, that -- according to Vaso Active's Website -- comes recommended by Salomon Daniel Monteiro, holder of the world record for juggling a soccer ball on his feet.

      It's also recommended, according to the Website, by the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. I couldn't reach Vaso Medical when I called them on Friday, but I did reach the president of the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists. "We don't know anything about this product," said Dr. David Z. Ascher, "and we have never endorsed a product in our life."