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  • kennyzervos kennyzervos Feb 22, 2004 6:44 PM Flag

    Super Low float either way & no options

    As to the float being either 1.7 million or 0.75 million shares, I don't care which one it is. Either number is about as low as it gets, supply is very limited. Also, the fact that there are no options is bullish as well; no shares of stocks have to be sold in order to purchase any options. As to the warrants issue, there are not enough to worry about them affecting the stock price.

    Responding to the fact that KWIC and SIEB went down after they split, I really could not care less. When I sell VAPH, which won't be until several days AFTER the stock splits on March 8 (the next trading day after the pay date), I won't care where the stock goes from there, I won't be in it any more. Do you think most of the people buying VAPH will still be in this stock when the game of musical chairs stops? Most of us don't care where this stock is one year, 6 months, even three months from now.

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    • Agree, as I said yesterday, momentum is the name, making $$ is the game, who cares for the long term. If these guys are truly for real, we will have lots of opportunities to buy back in . . . frankly I would love to shove a tube of Vaso-Rectal Cream to the guys who have bashed this stock. The normal rules for "normal stocks" don't mean squat in this situation.

    • Well, someone's going to be holding a lot of shares. You make it sound so easy, but the problem is figuring out when the music will stop.

    • Who are you going to sell to?
      What you describe is investing based on the greater fool theory. It doesn't matter what a stock is worth. It doesn't matter what the price is 3 months or 6 months or 12 months. No lets all just buy at ridiculous price and then sell higher to a greater fool. At some point the music stops and there won't be any chairs or in this case there won't be any bids.

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      • You will be upset if you don't buy this stock while it' still trading in the 30's tomorrow.
        Sorry to spam you, but I wanted everyone to read this message. I imagine you guys are getting tired of my posting, this will be all for awhile. The_Emerging_Analyst (personally, I think he has a long ways to go) asked me who will I be selling to after the stock keeps running up until and after it splits. Well sir, I will be selling VAPH to you, because you will have been sitting on the sidelines, day after day, watching as this crazy stock that "only fools would buy" goes higher and higher, day after day, until finally, when you cannot stand it anymore and you just have to get in and get in on some of the incredibly ridiculous profits that my comrads and I are wallowing in, I will be selling my stock to you, on March 12, for $40 per share; post-split price, mind you; while you are then wondering why the stock is coming back down, my VAPH comrads-in-arms, (including but not limited to Kittenofclouds--after she gets back in tomorrow morning, baron_rothchild, dairygirl19992000, straightflushpokerface the V.P. and our nominated king, Sir hrcusa, ) and I will be planning our European vacation, courtesy of, you guessed it, that crazy, wacky stock! No, I won't sell it to you until March 12, sorry.

        xluckystrike21, inquivista, knicks70_2000, and their king, gerwols, will be buying heavily as the stock slides back down to new all-time lows, and recommit themselves to never going long again.

        Good evening, ladies & gentlemen!

        You won't hear from me again until VAPH closes above 40 (next week).

    • What is the date you must be holding this stock to get the split? TIA

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      • when a $60.00 dollar stock splits 3 for 1 it is now a $20.00 dollar stock!

        So why care about getting the Split???

        Some people should not be trading stocks.

      • The pay date, which is the last day the stock trades at the higher, pre-split price, would be the last day that you can purchase the stock and get credit for the split. Do not pay any attention whatsoever to the record date; sometimes you can get a small dividend if you own the stock on the record date, that is the only possible benefit. Trust me, I have bought literally hundreds of stocks heading into the split, it is very easy, don't complicate things with the record date. In this case, the pay date as stated in VAPH's 3 correct press releases (Reuters confused alot of people by incorrectly reporting that the stock would split tomorrow morning, which is NOT TRUE!) is going to be on or about March 5, which is a Friday. So in this case the last day to buy the stock and get the extra shares would be Friday, March 5. Monday morning your brokerage house will show that you own 2 extra shares for every share you purchase on Friday, and the price of the stock will probably be slightly more than 1/3 of the closing price on Friday (splitters, especially 3 for 1's, usually gap up the morning of the split, sometimes significantly; look at TASR, SIFY, AMTD, etc.). If you buy 100 shares of VAPH at $60 per share on Friday afternoon, March 5(don't think it can't get there), you would own 300 shares Monday morning, March 8, at a cost basis of about $20 per share (if you're unlucky, I bet it gaps up the morning of the split!). My advice is to buy the stock either now or before the split run, which should begin this Friday, Feb. 27.

        Good luck to you.