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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Feb 26, 2004 12:44 PM Flag

    Short Report is out

    HRC, Feb 13 was A LONG TIME AGO. I am sure short position is much much higher now.

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    • You bet it is at least 5,000 higher - my number. And , with what I am posting now it will soon be much higher.

      You gotta love this THE BOSTON GLOBE did a complete and I do mean complete analysis of the Kashner Davidson MO back in '88 and '89.

      This story led to fines and suspensions of the
      Victor Kashner.

      Happy reading longs.

      Happy Trails to you Shorts. YIPPEE KI OOOOOOO

    • Zarman3333,
      Well, if we're talking 'mosquito-years' then yeah I guess 13 days is A LONG TIME AGO. Okay, I'll conceed that point. In terms of 'VAPH-years', 13 days would seem like, um, 13 days.

      But I'm being pig-headed and I now know that pigs can't fly so I'll get to your point:
      yes, you are right, a lot of volume has happened since 2/13/04 so MAYBE the short position is higher. Trouble is, this report is all we got 'til next month. I don't make this crap up, someone else does.

      So until the next report my short gauge is stuck on 87,103 shares short. Time to cover = 53 minutes.

      You do raise a good point though.

      - HRC