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  • hrcusa hrcusa Feb 26, 2004 8:01 PM Flag

    VAPH -- 2002, 2003 & 2004's Hottest IPO

    What was the word you used the other day? Obfiscate (sp?)? Was that not what you were doing with the "VasoActive -- 2004's Hottest IPO" headline? Defusing the real meaning with the technicality of 2004 vs last to weeks of 2003 for IPO date.

    Maybe it should have read:

    VasoActive -- 2003 AND 2004's Hottest IPO

    or with some research it might be:

    VasoActive -- 2002, 2003 AND 2004's Hottest IPO

    We'd have to research it more to find the technically correct headline I guess.

    But who cares, pulling a long term chart tells the whole story. Too bad it makes a lousy headline.

    Oh yeah, and Matt didn't write the PR. In fact, looks to me like VAPH had nothing to do with the PR. Look at the first line of the text:

    SCARSDALE, NY--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 25, 2004 -- Equities Emerging Growth Stock Day XI

    Looks like the fine folks (Sarge's term) at Equities Magazine may have drafted this little puppy. Looks to me like they wanted to draft on the fame and fortune of VAPH.

    Looks like Matt's got nothing to do with this one.

    I like my headlines better.

    Best of Luck,
    - HRC

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    • HRC,

      Now wait a was bears +1 remember...I should be yanking your chain.

      And to respond: Truly no question that if you got in at $5 and sold at $30 you are golden and more power to those who did.

      The reason I'm here is to see if this company has truly earned that valuation, and while I have an opinion that says no - let's wait till the 10-K and see if the REAL REVENUE and a real game plan to produce a growing revenue stream exist. If they do it will be time to move on, if not I'll hang around.

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      • Texman399,
        Oops, just re-read my post and you're right I was yanking your chain on a 'bear day'. My mistake.

        As far as 10-k numbers are concerned I'm guessing I can save you the wait. I'm not expecting anything. My GUESS is rev and profit (loss) will be tiny. Certainly by the valuation model that you employ for a mid-20's stock. Why are you thinking it will be anything different? Do you know something I don't? Oops, scratch that... yank thing again.

        As we have discussed, the 10-k numbers have little meaning to me ATM. This is a startup with potential. We differ in this regard. I understand your point and in 9 months or so I'll be joining you in a coyote like pack howling at Matt to produce big numbers. But until then I think it's reasonable to allow a new company to grow, sign some deals, sell some product, etc.

        To me the upcoming 10-k is a non-event. I'm much more interested in any deals they have coming that will put money in the checkbook 6-12 months from now.

        After all, they raised what $7.5M in the IPO? Take away maybe $1M in early paybacks (i.e. boiler room boys) and they probably have around $6M in cash. Let's see 6 mil / 7 guys = very long burn rate. Cash shouldn't be an issue for a long time. It's all about the art of the deal rather than an extra 100 grand on a 10-k... at least right now.

        Best of Luck,
        - HRC

    • HRC, unfortunately Ray Dirks probably wrote that headline. Want me to post the link??