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  • hrcusa hrcusa Mar 3, 2004 9:48 PM Flag

    Hey Matt Goldstein

    Goldstein & Company,
    I hate to slow down your witch-hunt guys but...

    Well, looks like I'm about the dumbest guy on the planet! Jeez, I can't believe I fell for this move!

    Here's what was written by my favorite "journalist" Matt Goldstein:

    <<Vaso Active Pharma Attracts Attention

    By Matthew Goldstein Senior Writer
    3/3/2004 4:34 PM EST
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    Federal securities regulators have begun asking questions about Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals (VAPH:Nasdaq - commentary - research), a tiny company that has seen its stock soar 600% since going public late last year.

    A Bronx, N.Y. podiatrist, who is president of The American Association of Medical Foot Specialists, said he received a telephone call Monday from the Securities and Exchange Commission about the association's endorsement of Vaso Active's main product. >>

    Read it carefully! Goldstein's source for this "SEC investigation"??? Oh, he's quoting Dr. Asher. Doc Asher says he gotta a call from the SEC. Yeah, okay. This is the same Doctor that can't remember if he endorsed or not... now says he does BTW!

    Great "source" MATT!!! Goldstein writes this very damaging article that drops the stock BEFORE it comes out, and his ONLY "source" is some old dude that can't remember his own name? Wow, where did you get those investigative skills pal?

    Matt later covers his ass with this gem:

    <<An SEC spokesman declined to comment on whether it is investigating Vaso Active. A spokesman for the Massachusetts-based company didn't return telephone calls. >>

    Standard line by SEC is non-confirm and non-deny and MATT would've know that before he even called. Course that's IF he called.

    Oh man, does this smell MATT!!! To whom did you leak this hard journalism to profit from this "late breaking story"???

    I'm filing an official compaint with the SEC, the company, and just for fun The Wall Street Journal, a group of real reporters that might find this an interesting story.

    This isn't fair and it may be against the law.

    Let's ask any lawyers on the board this question: if the SEC is conducting any sort of REAL investigation isn't the company REQUIRED to file a Wells Report to their shareholders? I think that's the term.

    No notification from the company and no REAL source for MATT's "article".

    Hey Matt, is this about personal profit or is this where you have to be right? I'm seeing a lawsuit against here. I betcha this would be easy.

    Okay, you can go back to your witch-hunt now, oh but before you do... some here seemed ready to use this misinformation. This attack seems very well planned and almost executed. So guys, lemme ask you this: who are the witches?

    I'm so stupid, almost fell for it. ALMOST.

    - HRC

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