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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Mar 6, 2004 6:23 PM Flag

    emerging analyst

    Remember folks the reason the stock is still where it is at is more than just a short squeeze. Master manipulators at work here.
    Emerging analyst, would you email me please:

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    • With sincere apologies to HRC and any of my friends long on VAPH, I wouldn't even call this a short squeeze. A squeeze, given this float, would have been stunningly dramatic--perhaps up to the $60 range. Instead, that it hasn't closed above $40 surprises me. Whether it's a mark of lack of interest from longs or simply a limit on the number of shares available to borrow, I have to admit, even I, the happy typically bullish kitten, that VAPH is tremendously overvalued at this point.

      Sure, I might be wrong and the company's products may make it, heck, a $500 million company, but my friend longs I hope your stops are tight. Remember, if you jumped on for the ride up for the split, that the split's almost here. Don't try to wring out every last dollar. Leave some money on the table. Manage your risk.

      I've seen wackier things in the market, no joke. But if VAPH was risky before, it's a box of rattlesnakes right now.

      To tell you the truth, I own a penny stock I think is worth more than VAPH. It's been profitable 2 years running, has doubled its sales every quarter, and STILL hasn't broken a dollar.

      That VAPH is where it is could mean I'm a bad judge of value. I won't deny it. And remember: I did okay going long w/this puppy.

      Just keep those stops tight. Whatever else is so, even considering the split, VAPH won't be worth even half of what it is in a couple of weeks.

    • Exactly. So what the hell were you thinking, going short here? Why did you think that you would stand a chance?

      The Baron