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  • printedwords1 printedwords1 Mar 8, 2004 7:33 PM Flag

    You are all so SHORT FOCUSED you have researched Vaso. So then share with us ONE legitimate scientific validation of their technology. Just one, so you don't have to search your vast store-house of research on this company...just one.

    If they have such wonderful technology that all these institutions want to invest..could you explain why they are working with menthol..a product that is readily available through numerous web stores and local herb shops. Why conscentrate on the OTC market..when you consider that if they had such wonderful technology that a host of major pharmaceutical companies would be beating down their door to get their soon off patent drugs under a new delivery system and protect their source of revenue...

    Come on my friend(my new best friend) share with us some of this outstanding research that you have done...other than from the Hype 101 class that you teach.