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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Mar 16, 2004 5:56 PM Flag

    12 Days and Counting to 10-K filing

    Texman, remember the "institutional interest" statement by Masiz in the split PR. Still think insiders are playing a role in this scam?
    He also said 60% institutional ownership in his latest promo piece. Wow these institutions sure sell a lot of 100 share blocks LOL. Lets forget for a moment that by rule no institution would touch VAPH. Let's just forget about institutional mandates for a second. Anyone with level 2 can plainly see this stock is ALL RETAIL. Absolutley zero intitutional buying. No long here can refute that, correct?
    So, Texman, are insiders involved in this scam?? Maybe not part of the actual stock manipulation, but playing a large role nonetheless.

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    • I agree that vaph mgt has done everything in its power to maintain the bubble in their stock rather than squelch it like a legitimate co would. A long term biotech knows they will need fresh capital in the not to distant future and would work to retain their reputation with press releases saying we know of no events to cause this activity in our stock and generally be honest in their dealings with the investment community. vaph on the other hand has pumped the stock each time it plateaued with another breathless pr and butted heads in denial and deception in responding to questionable items. Your right about their cash holdings. Most biotechs burn more than vaph has in 6 months or less. This co is so dramatically underfunded its a joke. 7.5 mil gets you nowhere in a national advertising campaign and vaph doesn't even have the product on hand to cover their website inquiries. I tryed myself. And 7.5 mil will cover all this for the foreseeable future when sales will generate all needed capital. HA

    • I must agree about no "institutional" buying of this stock at this time. If we look at public vs. professional, and further divide professional into professional traders and professional managed money, I would say that no professional managed money would be going into this stock at these levels.

      For myself, I only traded my personal "retail" money in this issue. There is no way I would put client money in this issue because of the volitility level, unless a client requested a buy directly.

      The problem is that portfolio risk management would require such a small position that even if I was right, the positive effect on the portfolio would be so small that it wouldn't be worth making the trade. Only a few hedge funds with highly aggressive charters could consider this issue.

      As far as the "level II" indicating no big buyers, the level II is a head-fake game. I go by real cash flow and time-and sales activity, along with OBV on 1-minute charts and the "character" of trading behavior.

      It is my impression that accumulation has been ocurring at these levels by entities with big pockets, whomever they may be. It could be an arab shiek for all I know. Still, that is only an impression. While I closed my position (at $7.20 for a loss of $1.20/share on 1000 shares for the morbid), VAPH remains on my buy-watch list for now.