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  • john15705 john15705 Mar 18, 2004 7:01 PM Flag

    What an investment !

    You put 7.5 million dolars to this co with 7 employees.Revenue is less than 100.000.00 a year.At this revenue,How many years does it take to match 7.5 million that you invest.What an investment!

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    • OK I've read all posts this AM and fellow shorts such as ZARMAN and friends just don't get it

      So, I will post a few replys and then retire this handle forever. I find no fun in trying to educate DUMMIES (and that is said by one who will ALWAYS play this POS from the short side)!

      Answer to this post: Now with $10,000,0000 VASP is NOT going to oblivian quick enough for you guys to play this short the way you have been and with the mindset you currently exhibit.


      These guys now have $10,000,000 plus: they could buy PROPERTY in BOSTON and make a go of this.

      But they now have Money to market this themselves probably will and might make a go of it but I am betting they F--k it up waste all money on HO's, BIG SALARIES(watch 10Q's closely as all seven should now be going to sevearl hundred thousands a year in salaries), big trips ALL OVER WORLD, credit cards for every body and their mistresses(GOLD,PRMIUM.PLATINUM) PHONY AND SELF-DEALING OFF BALANCE SHEET INVESTMENTS!!!! ETC., ETC., ETC. Think ENRON but it will take three to four years with many BIG BOUNCES TO UPSIDE ON BS ANNOUNCEMENTS OF ACQUISITIONS AND ALLIANCES All of which I will be shorting because I will have covered on their crashes that will neatly precede all such announcements as in the last one.

    • at the end of March. This baby is heading to oblivion.

    • I would expect next bounce to $9.50- $10.75 on the bid then short the s--- out of it to close to $5.00 in next 30-60 days then long agin then the slide to hell for company that is and we (shorts )all go to bank

    • Hey Tex read my last post

      You guys just don't get it That was NOOOOOOOt an investment that was a put short cover to the company

    • acove9867 Mar 19, 2004 6:42 AM Flag

      There are provisions that prevent hedging and frankly if I were being investigated by the SEC I would not add more illegal actions right under their watchful eye. You will burn when marketing gets going.

    • It doesn't cost them anything to short it, beacuse the short is protected to the upside by the conversion feature of the debenture, right??

    • 2 schools of thought,

      1- either the company which controls billions of investment dollars is run by morons who could not find out what you managed to uncover


      2 - maybe they had access to much more info than any of us have and believed it to be a wise investment

      3 - it is a total scam intended only to boost the stock price in the short term (so those who are orchestrating the deal can make a few bucks before heading off to jail)

      What is your scenario?

      • 2 Replies to extex99
      • Haven't you guys figured out the placement yet?

        Really very simple , That was the putting of a huge 350,000 short(pre-split) position to the company . Now that short block is covered regardless and they are in position to short again.

        Don't worry the short game is still in prgress.

        That is why the company never talked about new money: they did not know it was comeing under threat back at em. And they had to do it.
        Fu---n Bauttiful Baby

        If I had a big enough block I would do the same So now we can go even lower as these guys are now free to short another 5,000,000 worth of this s--t ( their profits on the put).We should all short even more on the nest bounce which we should all expect very soon.

      • extex, you are missing the point of this....Millennium didn't by any stock, they bought a convertible debenture. They have no risk in this transaction, just free options.