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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Mar 26, 2004 3:38 PM Flag


    For the third time (I'll try to go slow for you bigter), Millenium does not hold stock. Masiz claimed 60% of stock is held by other institutions. They'd be on the call would they not? Why wouldn't he filed questions from the institutions that hold over have his stock?? (was that slow and clear enough for you?)

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    • I had a message earlier for you but had a computer glitch and had to log out/back in for this answer. You can call his investor whatever you want, but I believe that back in LasVegas Masiz said "institutional interest" and in his mind the deal he was working on for the $ 7.5M was an "institutional" investor. Do you really think that with what has been going on with this stock and at its infancy that "institional" investors would flock to this stock? No, I think not, and this is the same reason that there are no analysts working this stock either. Until there is a revenue stream going, will institutions buy into this company on the advice of their analysts. Give this poor guy a chance to let his efforts gel . . . quit parsing words or interpreting his words into meanings that perhaps he should have rephrazed into a different description. Have you ever said one thing but meant something else? Happens all the time, perhaps Masiz did not write the Websters Dictionary, but you stock slam dunkers sure try to cram every word that flows off his tongue right down his throat . . . Frankly, Zarman, why are you here? If you dislike this deal so much you should have moved on long ago.

      LOL, and have a nice weekend . . by the way, the 10K and Conference Call didn't do much to punch a hole in the stock price did it?