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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Apr 7, 2004 9:56 PM Flag

    redmeption is at hand

    Wow, had a busy day, and looks like I missed all the fun. Where do I start.
    Firstly, to all the true longs/pumpers; you get what you deserved. A lot of you were very arrogant along the way, and constantly bashed me and many other shorts. Well, the scam signs were numerous and obvious.
    To HRC, who "hasn't sold a share" of this pig, well I guess we don't have to worry abot that naked short squeeze you were blabbering about last week, do we. You are a pumper, probably an insider and hopefelly heading to prison.
    Bigter, you seem like a good guy, but come on, what were you thinking??? Still think it will open at $3?? Are you still going to load up??
    To yournewneighbor; lots of pathetic drivel from you the last few days. Sorry but you and your shares are going down the drain. I will buy them from you for a nickel if you beg me. Oh, what's you "son" say about VAPH now?
    To all the shorts who hung in there against all the pumping and fraudulent rhetoric from the company; congratulations, you deserve your victory. Let's all enjoy. My wife just spent much of the profit on landscaping for our new house. Oh well, I'll have to go find another fraud to short (have my eye on one already).
    Good night all.

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