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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Apr 9, 2004 4:58 PM Flag

    stock price

    I think there are some people here deluding themselves into believing this stock will trade again at a reasonable price.
    Let's recap: This company is a scam ,remember. Not some accounting problems, but a FRAUD. Also, their 12 million in cash is now minus 7.5 million, and how much do you think the team of lawyers is costing them?? Three lawsuits already...they will take what's left. Think they can win the case?? Are you kidding? Why do you think they are all sueing so quick, because this is a slam dunk case.
    So, you've got a company with no money, and management team fighting to stay out of prison. Is that the type of stock you want to buy?? People thinking this will open in 4s or 3s are delusional. Even lamester's one dollar prediction I feel is too high. There is a good chance it will never trade again (who will be left at the company to petition for relisting?), but if it does the pennies is where it will be and quickly at zero...THERE IS NO VALUE HERE, NONE.
    Longs, sorry. Shorts, enjoy. Maybe we should all meet in Vegas and spend some of the profits.

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    • "There is a good chance it will never trade again (who will be left at the company to petition for relisting"

      i think you are wrong there. its not trading because of the SEC halt

      if the halt is not extended it will trade on the pinks

      the company has no say in that
      if an MM is willing it will trade

      since that is their business it will trade

      may drop to 5 cents but will probably stabalize around 20-40 cents

      always amazes me how some people are willing to speculate in a stock that is worthless

      see it all the time
      BK companies announce the common will be wiped but somene still buys it

      with Kmart the people that bought after that announcement tried to sue lol

      all imo

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      • from the press release of april 7th, I do not think it will start trading on friday

        The Company will make public announcements and will file public reports with the Commission, when appropriate, including a complete description of regulations applicable to the Company's products and operations, as well as disclosure regarding the status of its products under applicable FDA regulations. No estimate can be given as to the date when the Company's efforts to revise its disclosure will be completed; nor can any estimate be given as to the date when its securities will resume trading. However, the Company is reasonably certain that the necessary disclosures and filings will not be made prior to the termination of the current trading suspension, and, therefore, the Company believes that its securities will not be able to be traded at that time. The Company will not seek to have its securities resume trading until it is reasonably comfortable that the concerns that gave rise to the trading suspension have been satisfactorily resolved.