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  • baron_rothchild baron_rothchild Aug 19, 2004 1:01 PM Flag


    What do you think of shorting MDTL? It looks like another Vaso-Active to me.

    The Baron

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    • Definitely a short candidate (and a good one), but I agree with kfe, CEO is experienced con man so patience will be needed.
      I took small short positions today in TZOO at 37.6 and NVEC at 37.3. Only about 10% size, so have room to add...trying to be very careful. TZOO could have more legs (although I doubt it), but NVEC is a joke.

    • for shorting mdtl you will need some stamina, their ceo seems to be quite long in the business of fooling people, as far as I remember they never had a product they are still in business,

      due to their low volume it might take more than 40 days to cover the whole short interest from july, that was before the barons article,
      anyway I could not get any shares for longer than a week, which makes it to risky for me,
      to make a long story short,

      for me it looks like a promising long term short, short term you might see technical reactions, curious what z thinks about that