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  • kbononi kbononi Jan 28, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    I dont see how the indices are so HIGH!!

    my stocks are not at HIGHS!! it is soooo rigged!!! what is doing well??? granted I am overweighted n metals....oh well.......

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    • This could actually be a very strong technical move.

      When we exploded from 25-45 it was done very poorly from a technical aspect... Floor fell out!

      If they walk it up this time it will have a much stronger technical base.

    • My best performing stocks have been energy and healthcare. Cisco has also been doing well. If you are concentrated in cirrus (which I used to be--80% of portfolio), you would see a divergence between your portiofolio value and the market. Still have 6000 sh of cirrus--used to have 48,000--so I want cirrus to go up.

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      • I sold CSCO and it went higher of course....CRUS is gonna be a wait on AAPL news or if we are in RIMM phone, I like HFC and NTI and waiting for a pullback this market is gonna retreat soon! how it is at 1500 is AMAZING!! I own F and cant wait for earnings today but sure it will get crushed as well....I FIRMLY believe that it is all gonna go to #$%$ cuz of the US debt and currencies eventually going to GOLD standard, the US Dollar is DONE. I believe STILL in three things OIL, AAPL, and GOLD. If SP get to 1550 Im out of all I can sell!!!! look out belooooooooow!!! they will bring this market down hard on any hicup!!

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    • I justed needed to whine...I'm done.

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      • I feel your pain. You wait and wait for the earnings release and it comes out even better than you expected and then instead of the stock rocketing up it acts like it missed on expectations. I really thought we would appreciate 30-40%. We can't even get back to the level we were at before earnings. Then on top of that you have stocks that post earnings loss, but not as bad as analysts think and they go up 70% (Netflix). I just know if I decide to sell and go into another stock this thing will decide to rocket up.

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