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  • scpaks scpaks Apr 15, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    lets see if this gem....

    can close at the low of the day. Then maybe we can go under $20 by the end of the week or even tomorrow. We should be sub $15 by the time we get a product announcement from Apple, then we'll probably head further down from there because everyone will question whether CRUS is even in the new Apple product.

    POS, can't wait to get out of it, this stock sucks!

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    • What are you waiting for? If you're not short just, get out before it goes lower. Am I not making sense?

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    • scpaks, i notice you have posted about 150 times on the Cirrus board and became a member in June 2012. i am going to assume you were holding this stock when it reached 45.49 and held it cause you figured at that time it was going to 50 or 60. if this is the case then just sit back now and watch it go back to 40 or 50 or 60 like the rest of us and stop crying the blues. you talk like it is the first time you ever invested in the market. did you actually think that on a day like this we would go up? just be glad you didn't own a million or so in gold today.

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    • I'm confused when you say "can't wait to get out"...if you are long, and know it is crashing to 15, shouldn't you just sell?

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      • The market is a big casino and I fell for it. Since our reported blowout earnings and drop to $20, we've heard nothing from the company, every analyst and their mother has reiterated their targets in the $40's then lowered them, everyday an article comes out about how great CRUS is, and what has been happening the whole time, CRUS just keeps going down. Like I said, praying to get some money back, then I'm done with this POS!

      • I don't know it is crashing to 15, same as I don't know how it can go from $45 to $20 on blowout earnings and growth. Just saying what I think it will do as this is what its been doing since the last earnings... going down. I am already down so much on this it doesn't make sense to sell, just hoping I can recover some, and then yes, can't wait to get the f out.

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