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  • mk54321 mk54321 Sep 6, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    China Mobile and Japan's DoCoMo could add extra 38 million more iPhones in a 2014

    Hargreaves has also forecast that deals with China Mobile and Japan's NTT DoCoMo would boost annual sales by 15M. ISI analyst Brian Marshall considers that way too conservative, predicting an extra 38.7M sales in calendar year 2014.

    Critically – we don’t know the retail price of the 5C..... A $100 difference in retail price is likely to be reflected in millions of sales.

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    • I just heard that on CNBC, so why did the stock sell off the past two days? I would think investors wanted in before the new product announcement and the new China sales? Any ideas on the fall?

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      • John, I think it's just profit taking. Remember, when stocks shoot up very quickly (or go down) they tend to "overshoot" due to momentum. Many bought in the upper teens /low 20's, and given the rush up, they sold to lock in profits. The investors "wanting in" already occurred for the most part (sure there will be a few late stragglers). Expectations have already been built into the price. Remember, Cirrus has shot up around 30% in a very short period of time. So at this point, Apple would really have to surprise to push Cirrus price even higher. Or if they disappoint, Cirrus will drop. If products are as expected, probably not much move in the price. Next leg up will need to be supported by actual revenue anticipation or recognition. Of course, additional big customers would push it up too.

      • You know its a rigged market by the big boys!Today,they decided they would take Cirrus down come hell or high water!Apple could have offered $40 a share for Cirrus and it still would have gone down.Why do you think so many retail investors are staying away from the market!

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    • So 38 million more iPhones sold in 2014? Wow, with 700 million subs with China Mobile, I would think it'd be higher. So, the newer iPhones and iPads have $3 + plus in Cirrus content. The chips in the LED bulbs is $1 (not related to iPhones, of course).I would assume a lot of the 38 million increase would be comprised of the 5C. What's the expected dollar content value in the 5C?

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