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  • golfgleneagles golfgleneagles Sep 24, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

    On the chart

    On the chart, the 50 DMA is getting close to crossing the 200 DMA.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • lookingtohighergrowth lookingtohighergrowth Sep 25, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

      I've never understood the validity and meaning of these technicals. Of course, if things are turning around and fundamentals are changing, you would see the short-term price action (50 day moving average (DMA)) crossing over the 200 day moving average (200 DMA). It simply indicates that the price is moving up in the short term average over the long term average.........of course! What is so surprising about that if you are bottoming out over a period of time? There is nothing magical about it. It is basic mathematics. And if Apple were to falter, then the price goes down and all of the sudden, the 50 crossing the 200 is meaningless again. Technicals is nothing but a reflection of news events.......things and news events HAPPEN and move the stock price. That is all.

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      • While news and a single event can certainly move a stock, to say technicals are simply a reflection of the news is naive. Most stocks make their moves over time, not based upon news events. Even solid companies with great earnings reports sometimes inexplicably take a detour downward. While I always look for companies with solid fundamentals, various technicals can be used to reflect sentiment trends; insight into the supply and demand for a stock; and to fine tune entry and exit points. The 50 crossing the 200 is just one of many technical indicators that mark a shift in sentiment in a more quantifiable manner than gut feel. Adding a bit of technical analysis to your focus on fundamentals will improve your batting average. CRUS is an excellent example of a solid company with technical indicators giving some great clues as to changes in sentiment and entry points. GL.

      • Yes, to me, it is a picture of what has happened, of where the price has been , and where it currently stands. But, there are many investors who will not buy a stock , until this crossover occurs. So, I do watch for this to occur, and I will continue to watch this.

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