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  • ChiTrader ChiTrader Sep 22, 2000 1:40 AM Flag

    OT( and long post): thanks Arslanboy

    Wednesday CRUS hit a long-envisioned milestone of
    $40/share. Who envisioned this price? Alfred Teo back in
    early 1998 in the midst of his $100+ million investment
    over the space of a year and a half. Also, Arnold
    Arslan, aka Arslanboy. Teo was frequently reviled as CRUS
    slipped below $10, then below $6, and watched his
    investment cut by more than 50%. Arslanboy was also
    ridiculed because he never lost faith in Mr. Teo. He also
    believed strongly in his analysis. I was one of the
    (probably) few who bothered to download and read Arslanboy's
    40+ page analysis of CRUS, which he posted on his
    fledgling website in early 1998. I'm not a technical guy,
    just a small-time stock trader, and at least half of
    what I read was way over my head. But one thing stood
    out- CRUS was a sound company with good products in a
    good investment area- high tech. In hindsight, the
    management was the reason the price didn't stay above $40
    when it had touched $60 during its huge run up in

    I stopped counting the number of times I
    saw Mike Hackworth referred to as Hacksh*t or
    Hackworthless. Also stopped counting the number of times Mr. Teo
    was hung in effigy or laughed at mercilessly by
    disgruntled shareholders and short hypers. But I was so
    impressed with Arslanboy's convictions about CRUS and Mr.
    Teo's putting his and HIS CHILDREN'S money where his
    mouth was (I can't emphasize that fact enough) that I
    too became a believer in CRUS. I'm an extremely rare
    poster (having very little of intelligence to add to the
    conversation) but have been lurking here since near the
    beginning of this board. I remember reading Arslanboy's
    first post (# 405 on 2/23/98) and first posted myself
    #1042 on 4/16/98. So I am one of the true LSL's

    I'd just like to thank Arnold for his incredibly
    thorough analysis (even Mr. Teo was extremely impressed
    with it and told him as much) which, along with my own
    DD about CRUS caused me to hang in there during the
    darkest times when CRUS struggled to stay above $5. I did
    some short term option trading that caused me to lose
    a few dollars, but I'm in at around $15 and
    according to my TA see no reason why CRUS can't make all
    time highs in the next year or so. But it will not be
    a smooth ride. CRUS has proven that time after
    time. It may drop well below $30 before we see $40
    again for all I know.

    The difference IMHO has
    been Alfred Teo. Arslanboy saw that too and was
    pounding the table about him from day 1. My gut tells me
    Teo was instrumental in getting David French in to
    run the company and pushing Hackworth to the side.
    Mr. French has shown that he knows how to run a
    company and will lead CRUS to great things in the future.
    Lesson learned here: MANAGEMENT CAN MAKE ALL THE
    as French is running the show, I will be a CRUS

    Another lesson we can learn is that if everyone held
    their tongue until they really had SOMETHING OF VALUE
    to post on this board, we would only be on message
    number fifteen HUNDRED rather than fifteen THOUSAND! And
    this board would be by far the best yahoo! board of
    all. One can only hope. I got so tired of wading
    through the garbage that I only check this board about
    once a week and read one batch of 40 posts. But at the
    very least, it is much improved over the dog days when
    spammers, short hypers and whiners ruled the

    So on this rather auspicious occasion of CRUS
    reaching a publicly stated milestone by its largest
    shareholder (albeit about 2 years too late for most
    investors), thanks again, Arnold, for having the courage of
    your convictions and convincing me that CRUS was a
    serious investment worth considering for the long

    Good luck trading, and don't let the short term noise
    block your view of the long term picture. CRUS is
    definitely a rising star.


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