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  • mince38 mince38 Mar 9, 2014 12:17 AM Flag

    What other public co. makes ammo besides.......

    RGR,SWHC and ATK. Also, now that we all loaded up on ammo the past 2 years, why havent prices come down at all? My dealer uses CCI and Federal and charges me the same thing for both............too damn much. Im sick of paying $20.00 for a box of 50 .380 or 38 specials. I didnt realize ATK was that big, why dont they just but both SWHC and RGR and kill the golden goose altogether by raising prices again? And we fools pay it. I say they are at a bursting point. One more serious ammo hike within 3-5 yrs and some foreign co. is going to sneak in with an American puppet heading the "new co. and just sell shells for what they are worth.... a few pennys each. Id love to see a rebound of all this and see a price war and for a change let the customer get ammo below cost. And to me, RGR should put smith and wesson close to the brink of bankrupcy in a handgun sales war. Why do we seem to have only RGR and SWHC to choose from in the hand gun areas that are most popular? The way Harley gouged all the bikers who were loyal to them for years and now they are no longer what they once were, smith needs to go back to the old west also.....and stay there. And Glock? Are we really that stupid to pay 500 to 1000 bucks for a plastic gun?

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