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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 3, 2012 9:37 PM Flag

    Whats Rotten with AMT management?

    Thats what you respond with? Which part was stupid? The part where the insider have been converting their options and holding it for about a mili-second?

    Do some legwork and you can find out that Disanto,Edmund, SEC Sold 21,875 shares on 12/29/11 direco option and direct to automatic sale not listed on Yahoo transaction page.

    WTF do I know though, lead them ALL to the slaughter!! METAWAMPE!! I get it rape the weak and unsophisticated or you must believe Corozine has no clue about his $1.2B missing and Madoff was misunderstood along with perhaps the guys from Cogdwell Spencer were looking out for their shareholders interest whent they sold them out a sad discount? Which one is it? rape the unsophisticated or ...

    Read all three articles and you can hear the whispers of "ENRON".

    You shouldn't take anyone elses word on it either and when the last 20 transactions by insiders ALL equaled SALES leaving them a fraction in their kitty. Yes, you should buy the shares from them now! I personally would be apprehensive. Sounds like a Reed Hastings from NFLX move, but what do I know.

    Keep buying!! I ain't a short but I hope you drive it to $70.

    Personally if you really need to own this at this price you should have a STRANGLE set up for either way if the DB Sponsors of this stock decide to take it. What do I know though.

    Let them sell and you buy.

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    • Please quote the sentence where he says "Enron." You hurt your own case by inflated rhetoric.

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      • Rhetoric, sorry I must be an analyst or work for CNBC or a writer for Forbes!! hahahahah!! Actually I want to make sure those guys aren't revered like the guys at AIG or Citi or GM. They should have been wiped from this Earth as they have wiped others in their wake...anyways.

        Let me spoon feed you...

        "Over 80% of AMT’s Intangible assets are lumped into the category of “Customer Relationships” and “Acquired Network Location” for reporting purposes. Most of these assets are determined by AMT to have a useful life of up to 20 years (or as long as the underlying land lease). This type of accounting is not too distant from the “Mark to Market” (and its analog Mark-to-Model, and the fictitous Mark-to-Makebelieve) accounting used by financial firms and others such as Enron with such disastrous consequences over the past decade"

        "You hurt your own case by inflated rhetoric." hahahah!! You go ahead and invest in a company where the insiders have sold over 70% of their holdings. Lets see if you can find this guy on the boards in 6 mos?

        I am not trying to make a case just trying to find out why anyone is actually purchasing this at the moment and why any one would suggest that it is a great buy at this pps?

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