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  • bubbleboywantstobuybubblestocks bubbleboywantstobuybubblestocks Sep 16, 2003 9:01 AM Flag

    Look for Indictments

    All those who are ripping off investors will go to Jail.

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    • word on the street, investigation coming!! halt again? delist ?

    • True but they still PROFIT BIG when NTES crashes as they KNOW the time to short as they KNOW what the top is. Very sad. The insiders can cash in on the scandals.

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      • I agree and that is why the free market capitalism as we know it today will not last too long. Either this system is overhauled completely or somebody will come up with a better system.

        Too much corruption in high places in this system. People make billions if they win, and hundreds of millions if they lose.

        Netease is a perfect example. We all know that this is sheer manipulation and pumping going on. Now when the stock hits $10, or less, there will be class action lawsuits and lawyers will kae money. maybe SEC investigation and then maybe some fine for the bad boys. So what, they wd have made their millions and will gladly pay a % of their ill-gotten gains. But the average joe wd have lost their nest egg.

      • How do you indict those who live thousands of miles away in a communist country?

        That is the issue. "They" can do what they want with this fleece job and when they think they have enough they pull the plug, and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

        SEC my ass! They let these crooks come back didn't they? The SEC just gets rich off the theivery from investors. The insiders make billions, the SEC makes a few million and the general public gets screwed. Kind of like, the organized crime gets filthy rich, the cops and DA's get paid to "punish" them and the public foots the bill for both.

        If you are looking for "justice" here, keep dreaming!

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