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  • jforuus jforuus May 29, 2003 4:17 PM Flag

    How quidkly the forget

    Big question is, after much volume from the past few days..will VLNC be able to maintain 4 and above range? If so, what will exatcly be the factor that will make it so? Potential alone may keep it up for a bit, but without some major announcement it still retains -.68 EPS value, bottom line. Only a matter of time before the profit takers start pulling out, the weekend is approaching!

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    • Looks like each 10% jump gets a little more costly for the shorts. They should cover now, not wait until it hits 5. Can they cover without pushing it past 5? We are still waiting to hear from TYCO, and maybe another retailer for n-charge, and who knows what else.

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      • This is really incredible.This stock has run up on small news releases.This is going back too the tech days of the late 90s.Or you can compare this to the runup in some biotech stocks.Even if you are negative on the company which Noway and I are you cant fight the trend.I would never buy this stock with its horrendous financial sheet but at the same time people would be crazy to short this stock unless they have a strong stomach.Fundamentals or not this stock is flying and could shoot much higher.Most shorts have covered I would imagine.Hell I might as well buy vlnc at 4.5 and gho back to 2000 and buy lucent at 75 and cmgi at120.Too bad vlnc isnt an ipo-it could open at 8 and trade up to50 at days end.Sorry longs but I lost too much money in 2000 to buy into this.I love making money but I hate losing it worse.

    • You should just cover prior to the next piece of news. Don't wait too long. Any pullback seems to get bought up pretty fast.

    • Keep hoping shorty.

      It looks like you are so upset you cannot even type your message.

      Too bad you haven't covered yet.

      LOLL (Lots of Luck Longs)