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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 27, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

    A VLNC holder from the days of the MOT debacle

    Here goes my take on VLNC. (you shall pardon my poor grammar and ramblings at time)

    Not sure about any of you here or the crediblity of any of your statements.

    I personally have been kepping an eye on this stock long before it hit 7 or 10 or 14 or 30.

    The facts that I do know are as follows:

    This company has been preparing for the alternative revolution 15+ years too early some would say, others would say that is how you make the bed before you F on it.

    Its financier Carl Berg a man who has been and is on the forbes list for quite sometime making his money in real estate.

    The man bought 62M shares of VLNC and has been footing the bill from day one of its inception.

    VLNC has a staff that is comprised of who's who, from guys who were the top feeders Carl Robers is for example one at MCI to leading sales marketing managers; simply put they have a talented staff that has contacts through out the industry, their reach extends from the streets of Atherton to Henderson to China to Ireland. Over 50+ patetns..they are in the Chevy VOLT...Don't loose focus on the vision that is to be a LEADER.

    VLNC has trimmed its work force from 617 to 369, don't quote me on it; realize this what that is a transition from a company going from R&D to production.

    Team VLNC has been putting together a model which the have started executing and results are starting to trickle down to the bottom line and certainly will be appearing in the top line soon enough.

    I have listend to over 50+ of their confernece calls and since the days of the Motoroala debacle to this past conference call is the first time they have hit 5 or more "congratulations meter". Their long time invertors are excited and the management is calling this year their "inflection" point.

    I believe in the words of Ted Warren they have been basing for over 7 years now some would argue over 15yrs, nonetheless you get the jist, longer the base, steeper the rise!!

    Carl Berg is 74 yrs old and wants to see his project of his succeed, a man like him doesn't accept loosing and is certainly not short of effort or vision. He wouldn't have brought Seaside 88 into the mix if he wasn't sure of success or broken bread in the restaruants of Atherton.

    Any of you trading VLNC for the 1.80 to 2.20 range lack vision and I gaurantee will be disappointed int he lack of vision for yourself in many years to come. I pin this company to be let me be the first at 300 by 2021.

    Since watching them the number of analysts has risen from 2 to over 20+ now, these are signs of transition.

    VLNC fundamental price is at $0.45 by my calculations as a seasoned investor take on it.

    The only true outside catalyst we are lacking at the moment is gas
    prices. If gas hits $4-5 range as they are predicting it to this
    winter that will be the spark. The world is already starting to
    express it's commitment to the green industry. We have been patient
    for 21+ years, we the strong hands will stay the course.

    I don't have to express to you the numerous companies they are looking to supply, from the Ethernal yacth maritime industry to Smith Electric- coca cola (mind you they have 250K vehicles) to Tanfield and its large product list to Busess in the UK and California as well as federal mandates for alternative energy be increased from 1% to 2% to 6%; unkowon military uses to here comes the mail man, ZAP cars that are about to take CHINA by storm, EVI, Puegot, Siemens. Simply put we are at the beginning if they aren't lying to us about the press conferences...

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    • Well considering you are a proven liar with many aliases bashing here on this message board for fifteen years three, hundred and sixty five days a year, twenty four hours a day. We don't care if you lick windows or have been riding the little bus all your life or occasionally pee yourself, you are definitely unique nowaynohow. LOL

    • <<From what I hear UPS really likes their vans and they are testing a whole bunch in different cities right now>>

      From what I hear, they have yet to sell one to anybody. And given that they don't have a taxpayer-financed 50% off sale like Smith, they aren't likely to sell any.

    • Its called passion.

    • Thats the beautiful thing about the market prespectives, you have a chance to put your money where your thoughts are about a company and capitalize upon it.

      We aren't hear to lawyer up and joust regarding a company, we invest where we think it shall profit our pocket, either on the short or long-side and on to the next with a keen eye on the seed one plants.

      Ofcourse all stock holders are bag holders, they never get in for the most part at the lowest optimal price and never get out at the highest, it is all pre-determined or atleast guided and manipulated such that is the case. But if you follow your own rules for investing it can still work for individuals.

      You want to know about VLNC listen to their last confernce calls. Simple and let them tell you.

      They tell you what they need to sell to break even.

      The different avenues they are exploring in.

      Tanfield ...Smith electric, your speaking of pinning effect, that should tell you here we have a penny stock and your speaking of pinning effect and results, pretty darn good for a penny stock to be able to command such thoughts conclusion.

      The Boy who cried wolf, your correct, but at the end all you have to do is follow and listen to conference calls to realize what is going on or not, thats what you call research and investing, name of the game, you know that.

      Negative equity, we both know in the financial world sometimes you have to make a company seem unattractive to ALL to position it for the future, its called keeping off the grid of the M&A squads of Billion Dollar company.

      Printing shares? It just set up $3M shares to line the insiders and employees pockets, how many time have they done that before?

      Substantial doubt, if the major backer deems his project worth while the issue is never in question. Carl is a visionary and he thinkgs in decades as well, else he would have tired a long time ago and cut his losses. He fully supports the company and has brought in other major investors to suppport this endeavor as well. His commitment seems to be resilent.

      Share price is at an all time low price for the past X years, ofcourse it is, they want you to part with their shares or its a failing company, listen to the confernce calls and evaluate for one self.

      Tax payers pay 10% and the benefits out weigh the tax payer far more at the end. From your children's future to creating jobs to leading in a revolution in the energy crisis. Smith and Tanfield are a joke, you obviously have to rethink that statment or visit Europe, perhaps visit small villages in Texas that are popping up as alternative engery communities. I suppose they thought Solar Power was a joke also from the first days when casio started using them for their calculators in the 1970's now 3 decades later, nations are bending their futures around it, see Germany.

      Debates can be made for either side of the coin, the question is do you want to bet AGAINST humanity?

    • Hey der sound frustrated bout somthin.......u eat to much.....lmao

    • rfmn19 Aug 30, 2010 6:15 AM Flag

      wow 1:11AM???? Little lonely working 3rd. shift?
      Who you guys working for?

    • That leads us to the question who would trust a PROVEN OVER AND OVER again LIAR like you nowaynohow, that has been here twisting the truth and manipulating any and all things talked about on this board. Who would give you the time of day knowing you have been doing this for fifteen years day and night 365 day's a year and with multiple aliases. Who would believe you nowaynohow when you have done this with nothing invested. What's the matter are you afraid someone might get ahead you PATHEDIC LOWLIFE and you will end up looking like a complete MORON? Don't worry about that you have been awarded the MORON TROPHY a long time ago. WHY ARE YOU HERE nowaynohow no one does what you do every day without a motive and further more no one lies as much as you do without a motive. You are full of twisted bull$hit and that is all you are full of. Oh and by the way who is larry your alias goodbyevlnc is asking the same question, don't know who larry is just know who nowaynohow is and he is one LOWLIFE TWISTED JERK_OFF.

      Have a lousey weekend ya pathedic p-rick

    • <<nobody buys your tripe anymore fluffy>>

      Apparently the market doesn't buy the Boiler Room tripe any more, duhikkychuk, or did you not notice the 75 penny stock price? Will you be touting how bullish it is when VLNC does the reverse stock split like you did with WAVC?


    • hey dipchit....u sound frustrated about somethin........rofl

    • nobody buys your tripe anymore fluffy.

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