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  • radachowsky radachowsky Oct 18, 2010 10:26 PM Flag

    The Bad News for Combustion, Good for VLNC

    Gasoline is highly subsidized in almost every country - normally the consumer pays only a fraction of the true value. This does not even consider the externalities of pollution, health, and climate change impacts. Google "The true price of gasoline".

    As EVs become more accessible, the plan in most nations is to reduce or drop subsidies altogether. This will become more politically feasible when there are viable alternatives to gasoline vehicles.

    Then, EVs will outcompete combustion engine vehicles and gas engines will become obsolete. For now, it is easier to subsidize the new option. Before long, it will be feasible to tax the old, obsolete, and socially costly option.

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    • So, your telling me the U.S. and the rest of the world wants to cut their expenses in the household and pay off the massive debts they are burdend with to China and who ever else?

      And reduce their carbon footprint and stop doing the damage to world that they don't even talk about or know what perhaps will be in the future.

      I am sold.