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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 21, 2010 7:36 AM Flag

    Low Volume, Still Up .04

    Yes its called the 5 guys thus far looking at thier LIII trading amongst themselves and bidding it up.

    Wait for the cc and lets see what Berg and Company have to report.

    A fool and his money part quickly.

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    • {{A fool and his money part quickly.}} must be talking about Nowaynohow as that would explain why that person is SO bitter and stalks this board 24/7.

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      • I have to be honest with you, I always say if you want to be succesfull " F PASSION ...OBSESS ".

        As longs that we are why would we be so frightned by his thoughts and ideas?

        I am not frightened by his comments I find them to be rather intelligent, MAN STYLE and how they should behave.

        You should be frightened by them, he makes valid points and I don't think anyone starting a position in VLNC should be paying a premium price over $1.00 to any of the 5 brokers that are posting on this board.

        Team NEEDHAM lands on the wall of SCHILLS or not is the question for this CC and the rest of their repuation. VLNC making money isn't a question, its how much manipuation will occur through the process.

        Heavy manipulated stock, see MDS - Midas Mufflers, now talk about SCHILLS!! :)