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  • vmigrad2005 vmigrad2005 Nov 2, 2010 12:52 PM Flag

    What information could be gained...

    by visiting the Valence main office? They happen to be just down the road from me in Austin and I plan on visiting just out of curiosity. I have a feeling I may just get some dumb looks, but I figure it's worth a shot just to ask a few questions in person as an investor. Any advice?

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    • Thanks for the Input, I think, but I'm not referring to chasing any insider information or anything of significant consequence. I'm just visiting a business in which I had a financial interest...

    • On a silly note I want you walk in and ask them dressed up as the Dr. in Marathon Man, uttering the words... " Is it clear? "..

      Or some detailed questions about their charging units, speed, price and in reference to time frames what and when will the price start to come down?

      Is Carl planning on attending the CC ever?

      When was the last time we heard him on CC?

      You would think if we are going to hit out of the park, hell just get a hit, he might want to show up to field?

    • >any suggestions?<.....ya.....tellem larry sent you.....that will get you into the inner sanctum.......