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  • nowaynohow nowaynohow Nov 17, 2010 9:06 PM Flag

    Boiler Room in a Panic Tonight

    First one Boiler Room alias makes up a lie about working for a Frito Lay supplier and claiming that Frito Lay loves Smith trucks so much that they will continue buying them after Smith's taxpayer-subsidized 50% off sale is over.

    Then another Boiler Room alias gushes about how a made-up lie by a fellow Boiler Room alias is "important information."

    Then the Boiler Room aliases spew out multiple posts about very old "news" that GM once used a Valence battery is some whacky prototype vehicle that will never actually see the light of day.

    The Boiler Room is clearly panicking. Their payment per post must go down when the price of this POS falls below $1.

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    • I can truely say that you have no clue as to what I know
      of or whome I work for.
      I am a lot closer to FLNA than you think.. ;)

      • 2 Replies to z06forum
      • I just realized the stupidity of my previous post, confusing "fuelnation" for "Frito Lay North America." Let the derision and insults ensue, fair enough...

      • I have no interest in FLNA one way or the other, except for a bit of morbid curiosity about such a low volume sub-penny stock. I happened to check out Fuel Nation's website, and curiously, the "Arabic" and "Russian" pages are all in English. The "Spanish" portion did manage to translate the initial page link, but failed on all of the others. To say nothing of the rest of the "information" posted on this side, these errors would seem to be a significant problem for a start-up company with business in Bahrain, Baghdad, and Moscow. Perhaps someone as informed as yourself about this company could explain?

        By the way, how did this company even enter into this conversation?

    • 4 alias' reply = 1 douchebag at the keyboard. Uncle Fester, you didn't even wait an hour between replies.

    • Oooohh and BTW, what panic you are talking about? Are you crazy? I am the happiest person today! Re-loaded with a lot of cheep shares (you can see my posts and check that the time and the price match). You are so funny! Even if the price goes lower, my only action will be to add, add, ... and add more :-))
      Yes, I am new here (bought after Berg's purchase this fall), but I am confident in the company's future! I bought LCC at around $2 and stated my price target at $12 also bought LULU at 4.40 and stated that it will be $30 in less than a year (you can check all this). And bashers just like you (especialy at LCC board) were claiming that those are penny stocks going to bancrupt. LCC met 12, LULU is about 47 and bashers are still there :-)) It will be the same story here :-)

    • hahahaha ... what payment you are talking about? probably yours :-) I own 70 000 shares of VLNC and can prove it!
      I will sell 1/3 at about 1.8, 1/3 at 2.5, and the rest will keep at least till we hit 5. What about you sweet talker :-)) Do you have balls to post your position :-) "Noway" :-)) As always it is easy to bash, but why are you soooo afraid to simply state : "I am short at ... and will cover at ..." ?
      You have no credibility and no respect from anyone on this board.

    • Thanks Nowacio for your insight.