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  • gold_miner_14 gold_miner_14 Nov 26, 2010 5:23 AM Flag

    Kevin Harkin on BBC Radio

    Click on link below go forward too 1.31.00 ,thanks to Myosotis on the LSE board.

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    • Trunk: "...they founded this country on freedom of religion, not persecution of religion like you are doing right now." need to get a grip....exactly where in my little commentary do you read that I'm persecuting religious points of view? Personally I care less anyone's espoused religious viewpoint, so long as they don't require me, or try to force me by using my tax dollars, etc., to believe as they do.

      As for shorting VLNC...hmmmm...I'm a trader...been so for some time...and I've tracked VLNC closely since circa 1990. I daresay I've done a little of both (long/short). Regardless, you would recognize, if you bothered to read better my commentary and be less reactionary, that basically I'm positive about VLNC, but +20yrs of tracking means I ain't naive about it either.

      Now let's see how VLNC does today...up 3pennies at open.

      American Citizen

    • Many people who came to America to escape religious persecution tried to force their religion on the native population! Go figure!

    • "There's a reason the Founders advised, and set up, the country under the guidelines of Separation of Church and State"
      wrong as always, your premise, and your whole ramble, has nothing to do with our founding fathers. nowhere is it in the constitution, only freedom of religion. they founded this country on freedom of religion, not persecution of religion like you are doing right now. they left europe because of religious persecution, which seems to be alive and well in this country today.
      as long as there are those against it like you, I will be public for it. we will see who wins in the end, I mean the very end.
      have you shorted valence lately, or you just here to attack something or someone.

    • congestion charge, someone needs to talk to Obama about setting up a federal mandate that charges commercial vehicles, even taxi's, in big cities that use ICE. there should be a charge to operate these vehicles in cities around the US. it should be federal so that no one is exempt from polluting the streets of any US city. maybe there should be one for big rigs also, even ones that conform to ARB standards should have a minimum charge. maybe even big rigs will go hybrid and shut down the opponents like some on this board for good.

    • it is about building trains ... what is the connection with VLNC? Thank you.