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  • sharmaajit sharmaajit Nov 26, 2010 10:34 PM Flag

    Kevin Harkin on BBC Radio

    Great now we have a religious nut on this board, now we have it all.

    Listen up..

    We don't care if men die on rigs.

    If the president is black, white or red.

    If there are no WMD to be found.

    They didn't pass the Volker rule, its on them.

    You want religion its called a church, good luck, watch out for the boy lovers wearing rosary beads.

    Ross Perot was this countries last shot.

    All we want is a new Murcielago by 2014 is all we care about.

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    • yes, I am a nut, but its the kind that will give me everlasting life, dont think I will see you there but who knows.
      as far as Ross, I agree. Nafta and Gatt were the big modern time failures for this country, and he knew it and had a plan to work around it. trust me when I tell you this, when this country throws out God, along with Jesus, it will collapse, period. I hate to say it, but there are few left who honor and respect him, and it may be too late already, I dont know. God gave it to us, men have worked and fought to keep it and were thankful for it, men will be the ones to give it away in their greed and ignorance. yes, its all in that little Bible that so many dont know or chose to ignore.
      Let me explain something to you, do you expect me to follow or listen to you or people like you, or rather follow a God that is fair, never lie's, never cheats, never does wrong, always keeps his word, puts up with all my faults, and has the power to take away anything from anyone in order to see his prophecy fulfilled. all of us are either put up with, allowed, or driven to meet his plan.
      as far as boy lovers as you put it, that excludes God and myself, but it does includes men that have lost it because they were overcome by influences other than God. Your disrespect and lack of sensativity about the subject tells me you have little good in your heart, or have been broken, and need Jesus as much or more than others. He did not come for the Rich nor those that pretend to make up their own good, he came for the broken, those will be the ones who are in Heaven. You must become innocent like a child in order to accept Jesus and get into heaven, something very few grown adults can do or understand.

    • Sharma: "You want religion its called a church...."

      LOL! I like that line. There's a reason the Founders advised, and set up, the country under the guidelines of Separation of Church and State. They, as human beings, were imperfect and so this guideline had (and still has) a permeable barrier in the manner in which they comported themselves while governing. But the attempt was/is laudable.

      We as citizens should adhere to it more closely than we do these days. As many writers have said, it's a grand governing experiment with which this country is engaged. And as far as I can tell from my time, travels and experiences on this planet, it's still the best political system human beings, as extremely social "animals" with varying points of view, have been able to devise. It would be a shame, and something of an irony, to have its essence (freedom of religion, expression, etc.) devolve into some sort of anarchic polarized Republic the end result of which would be that polarization acting as a solvent into which the experiment dissolves and disappears.

      But the experiment is still quite young by many I'm hopeful a way can be found to show the idiots of our nature the "door."

      American Citizen