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  • sharmaajit sharmaajit Apr 25, 2011 8:57 PM Flag

    You guys are funny

    Panic huh...

    A company's stock price never has retracement? hmmn.

    Are the moving averages going up, they are on my ledger...aren't they on yours? you do realize what that signifies? there are wolves in sheep clothing amongst us that want your shares, via boredom or the next price level jump; but they want them, I assure you.

    Are we hitting $5 gas, is diesel already at $5? it is in my neighborhood. Isn't that schill O'bama who has been having orgies behind the cameras with the banks. Thanks for not F'n us, great now I have black man shoving it. ouch. what a D.B.

    Are there Wall St. hounds clamoring to get a share for VLNC?

    Is it me or is the Street the Schill dot com (bad as Goldman Sachs)starting a media blitz for VLNC. Do I need to post thier chronological time line? Wall St. wants to be in for the best price either they will drive it up to make you part with your shares of they will drive it down; down hasn't worked out too well for the; because if the streed did we would be soaring already.

    I just wish they would shake it out more so I can pick up more shares. (seen the movie Forrest Gump, when Lieutenat Dan is on top of the sail scraming at the storm, "come on is that all you got!") that should be your mantra, we are VLNC holders we have seen pain and endured pain for lenghts of time that would most investors sell for a massive loss not us..because we make money on other stocks just to pass the time and fight off boredom.

    Wonder when some person/group is going to snap and it trickles into us acting like the Lybians and taking control back for the people....anyways, don't get me started.

    Are they dropping her down to $0.70, I hope so, cause I am ready to load up some more at MY PRICE, and you should be ready also, make them pay if they want to play shannigans. PAY!!

    Are we less then 8 weeks away from another CC? (in the fixed game, spare me it isn't, it is, else they will schlack if you don't wise up... if they don't get thier shares, they will drop and send her to the cellar, its ok, we have been here for quite some time and aren't going away today or tomm. there is a reason why $0.01 moves our portfolio in magnitudes that are crazy, but we are willing to feel the pain, we are numb to it)

    Are we 4 contracts aways from $4 to $5? We aren't holding for $5 are we? We wouldn't have been here for 400% gain in 15 years, failure in our book that is. So your going to have to buck this up if you want my shares.

    McCourt/Michael Lew why don't you tell us using your level III who is doing what? hmmn.

    Stay FROSTY, don't let them dull your senses.

    They will have to send her well north of that if they want to pry my shares from me and yours. Right? F them. Carl wants this to go while he is still breathing on his accord.

    If your holding for more then 18 mos, your no longer paying short-term taxes, congrads.

    Is this country moving forward in alternative energy?

    Didn't JMSMITH, TRADERRIC, RADCHOWSKY AND COMPNAY GIVE YOU A FEW DOUBLES OR AND NICE JUMPS WITH CPST, ENA, RZTI AND ACPW? we got all the time in the world is our attitude, ok fine maybe 5 more yrs... :)

    Relax and rub one out and do some research and post me another winner in the meantime to keep me fed. :)

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