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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 25, 2011 12:51 PM Flag


    Svet that is ballsieee and reckless but thats what the fabric of this country is based on, slowly eroded by Gov't lack of interest to monitor and punish the unjust. (thats another story).

    I have no price target that I would responsibly share with you, but I assure you I did not hold on to this company for this long for a lousy 400%. I have been tempering my angst with consistent purchases of high yield dividend income funds lately. I can ride this out for quite some time and then some.

    My theory is the longer this simmers at below $2 the more time I have for growth in my other investments. When these yahoos decide to bring the pps to a value where I can catch another July 10 botoom relative to price and fundamentals. I will be 3/4 ALL in only. :)

    You have to make them PAY and I think by now they realize the resolve of the long term VLNC share holder. Pain is just another avenue of expression, bring it. What we relish, matter of act is what they FEAR, it has the opposite result of what they desire. They want us to be buying in Euphoria not in PAIN. They simply don't make money that way. That is thier methodology and plays opposite to the human psyche. Under the bell curve of probability and statstics the nauture of man will always be exploited.

    The programs have been tweeaked on the x and y axis over the course of time. Your golden rule should be NEVER BUY on margin, they will punish you like they did with this slight drop again. Yes the index was buying but they might do another turn to make the index fund to rollover yet again, cha chink cha chink. You be there also and learn to capitalize when they are, synergy is the term. Margin on the other hand is like having allegiances with men that will turn on you in the midst of a front line campaign. Quickly you shall find yourself looking at the wrong end of the broad sword.

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    • These programs switch up from sideways trading to channel trading. Hence the gap ups or gap downs, depending upon how the equation looks either it will distribute them out if no one is still selling or it will set up for another gap up if sellers finally hit thier threshold and they want to have a schism in pps and you.

      They never want you to understand the laws of doubling and halving, its a very powerful abbreviation for thier programs. Remember as an Engineer our job is to understand the problem, find a solution/solutions and go with them most cost effiecent avenue. All engineers strive for the short cut and the laws of doubling and halving are your only true guideline to keeping you armred as they are, even better to be honest. Thier equations and programs require time and your action in hand with tax influences, yours requires only the math; which makes you far more dangerous then you think you are.

      I am glad you have an exit strategy and I shall assume you have an exit strategy for both sides of the trade. I heard a quote from a pal who said, "the difference between a pro and amateur in this game is that a pro always has an exit strategy for when things go south, an amateur has an exit strategy for only when things go north".

      All that being said, TEAM VLNC didn't hire that many people because they have a warm and fuzzy feeling about next quater or current demands. I suspect several reasons, they are going after larger clients and production which requires them to be able to have a labor force in place and TRAINED to perform. There are intangibles we are not privy to but the ones that are just as powerful if mapped correctly.

      These boys are running out of time to have shares part from you thier only other recourse is to print shares, unfortunately. You can't beat the game but you can profit from it.

      I suspect they have left a list of open issues on the table from the last CC so they can sway it to thier advantage once they can fully digest all the numbers and plan a course of action.

      I think most VLNC shareholder unbeknownst to themselves have been patient and can be indentified by the following quote by Ayn Rand, "Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men's stupidity, but your talent to their reason".