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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 5, 2012 4:24 PM Flag


    $0.70's range and dare I say $0.40's!!

    There is no Vanadium and Bob Lutz is useless. where is the catalyst.

    The big announcement was an "agreement" thus far; a joke. I know I know..2013 we will hear announcemtns..its gotten so OOOOLD!! The actual announcements must be with VANADIUM and the 30 new customers we have. You don't have to lawyer up on me.

    This chock full of potential is going to the $0.70 hold on to your knickers and get ready for more PAIN!!! You might see this 4 year trend downwards hit $0.30.

    MSW peformance has BERG and Co. occupied and happy.

    If all you have are postives to say for this company well I hope your not putting your money as well into it.

    We are gushing blood like a stuck gladiator on starz Spartacus show. Squirting it all over..what pain!

    You don't have to drop the share price you can just have another offering and pring $10M shares.

    I was a buyer today but not of VLNC, I have been down that road one too many times. lol Not even a schnitzel, well maybe at $0.75 I might strike.. :)

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