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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 23, 2012 4:30 PM Flag

    VIA with VLNC Batteries

    How come your so interested in buying shares in a stock that is in the toilet? Do you like to pick things up from a toilet and write about it often. A normal person would want to forget such unpleasantries and recall them only at critical times so not to repeat mistakes.

    You should quickly sell your shares Tuesday morning and NEVER LOOK BACK ! You shall be wise to do so, I agree.

    7500 tickers out there why focus on this one so since it leaves such a bad taste in our mouth. Good riddance.

    Strike the chords that makes sense that which you have pondered in earnest over; time and time over. SELL VLNC before everyone starts heading to the door and or Carl takes it PRIVATE. HEED your own words, I agree and support you.

    Anyone care to make a wager if JOLT does or doesnot HEED his indepth logic or rational of the direction of this company? Trust your intelligence and training Jolt and go with GOD.

    We shall miss you Jolt! :)

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    • jforuus, jolt will leave this board with noway only, i.e. never ;-) It is just one of the 100's of alliaces ... actually one that is trying hard to pretend to be long.
      He never answered my questions about what he thinks about the VLNC future and what he thinks about noway :-)) This should speak louder than his words :-)))