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  • sharmaajit sharmaajit May 12, 2012 12:42 AM Flag



    Dump everything and go buy AONE.

    Too funny you come on VLNC message board to bad mouth VLNC, how petty.

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    • your right, I didnt want to say anything but its shallow behavior. everyone goes through a phase in their life.
      but its certainly not the 15 year stalking kind like another, that where one is obsessed and taken over by evil and you may not even know it, have no regrets, and think your ok. sometimes the only way to cast it out is exorcism just like Jesus did. I sometimes wonder if our resident,you know who, is beyond turning over a new leaf, transforming energy into something good. Im not name calling, its all about good vs bad, God vs evil, if your not with him your against him. If you dont have enemies, you stand for nothing.
      Jesus is despised by many, even those who call themselves christians but never mention his name or talk about him.
      its a wacky world today for sure when its easy for people to think life is just a game, or survival event, or a challenge to the top. Mathew 20:16, the last shall be first and the first will be last.
      Me, people like Larry Brubaker make me hope for the next life all the more, bad experiences effecting those around him for the worse, I hate it and want to be free from such hate. but I cant live in a box in the street or up in the hills, thats now why we are here.
      its been said, suffering and challenges either make you better or make you bitter. read Genesis 50:20, there is nothing about man today that was not known 6000 years ago.
      As for Valence, we have no choice, its all in the hands of Kanode and those he leads.