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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 21, 2012 10:28 AM Flag

    Any guesses on cash position up to this point?

    I feel this boards furstration. It will most likely continue so for another 12 mos.

    As for insiders not buying... I thought about 6 mos. ago VLNC put a structure in for stock options for their new sales team. Carl owns over 50% already.

    Your making statments such as Carl's piggy bank has dried up. Kanode clearly stated Carl was has been and is very supportive.

    Reverse split and the end being near has been uttered quite a few times before, yet here we are and the industry is being accepted more and more every day.

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    • Making statements about piggy bank dried up? Call IR and he'll be glad to tell you Berg's liquidity is real tight right now due to real estate portfolio. And as far as idiot Kanode saying Berg's supportive, wouldn't you be with about $71 million owed to Berg in debt plus another $34 million in dividends accrued but not paid to Berg? Geez no wonder he's supportive.. Ask the question again, how much cash does this company have currently?? any takers?