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  • russ6311 russ6311 Jul 21, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    vlnc web page

    they changed the web page, note the customers at the bottom of the home page, marguette university, I couldn't find the page that listed all
    the rest of the customers they've been touting. wright bus, PVI, tennant etc.

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    • F VLNC.
      F CARL BERG.

      If I can get my cash back via the law suit, I will take it and run. The rest of you can hope and pray that the VLNC Scu#@BAG family doesn't F you over. I have learned my lesson, trust no one even the CEO of a company will lie to your face. This whole game is full of LIARS. Our founder has and continues to support us, fast forward they file CH. 11.

      The SEC is either completely USE-LESS OR LIARS as well, either way we can't keep fighting them in court and we aren't violent men hence we can't fight them in the streets, I would rather just not be part of it.

      I will pray they all die in a painful car crash.

    • Why a .02 option for the new board memeber? Why any option at all for a stock that is going to be worthless? I will repeat what I posted before...."This is far from over"...IMHO. RDK.

    • Like a lot of things in life, its not whether something is wrong or right, its whether you can get away with it.

      Actually this is the way of the world. As far as the markets for public companies go, as long as regulators and bankruptcy courts allow this type behavior, it will continue.

    • I just wish men like Holmes would question the familes of the wicked and not the families of the innocent.

      Berg and Kanode lied to us. Restructuring meant we are going to bankrupt all of your shares and keep the company running and moving forward.

      I get a poop sandwich to put in my mouth.

      Is BERG a LIAR?
      Is KANODE a LIAR?

      Heck YES THEY ARE!

      Perhaps it will rain on them soon when they least expect it.

      I see why the super wealthy have body gaurds, you F over enough people there is always one James Holms they may spawn.

      I am royally ticked, I loose my money while this guy vacations? Seriously? I don't mind loosing my money as much as how they LIED to us all.

      You say, "too bad and deal with it, life isn't fair". Well then lets turn the table on them. I am surprised a VLNC investor in his 80's hasn't visited Kanode and Berg for a stern "lecturing" and exposed them to their families.

    • I do not see Berg in that light. Do not like what happened, but name calling will not help, imho.

    • We should all be going to Atherton to ask Carl and Kanode why they lied to us and bring an SEC representative as well.


      my favorite part is "my nine is easy to load"!!


      References all criminals, or people who scare others very deeply. One may be unsure what this "Kaiser Soze" person is capable of. It is a good bet that the worst one can imagine is probably true, or close to what they are capable of. An unpredictably violent person. One who takes great pleasure or care in their violence and deception.

      Is that Carl or will his/markets one day birth a person or movement. Perhaps there are many who will donate to such a cause. Personally I am a man of non-violence but did sacrifice 3 chickens and a goat to put a hex on him, the board and their families. :)

      According to Newton there is always a reaction, the courts will have to vindicate us hopefully.

      I could have sent a SWAT team for to perform a full assault at the beach head for several days, with a helo and looked for WMD as well in backyards for the amount of money I lost.

    • Perhaps you meant Kaiser Soze or Keyser Soze?

    • Kaiser Sosa.

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