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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 28, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    Message for CARL BERG and VLNC, some therapy for myself

    Let me be the first and only non-billionare on this board to call you

    A REAL P.O.S.!!

    You know that already!?!?

    Not because you didn't want to support your company but the fact that you mis-lead the longtime VLNC share holders and hide quiet among your lawyers. I suppose they make house calls in Atherton for your fat sssss. You stole my money so you can be a good boy and take my insults?Toad.

    You showed us no loyalty or decency, I guess in your world such vocabulary is lost.

    You had your fellow TOAD Robert Kanode mis-represent you several weeks before you decided to pull the plug and right after many litigations results were complete; how quaint. "Restructing"? Our foot up your SSSS would be re-structuring?

    Your just as bad as that SCHILL Jon Corzine he exposed the US SENATOR AND US GOVERNOR to be nothing more then CORRUPT men who bough elections to F over citizens at a national level. He at least had the decency to not mislead anyone but just F them over and only speaking out when he was caught with his hands in the cookie jars and a trail that led back to him. Whereas you had men on the podium serenading us all while you sharpened the dagger for our backs. We showed you loyalty and faith and in return you lived up to the "rigged" game moniker and stepped on our throats. In the ole days you would have been treated like a rustler and met the end of a rope in the godforsaken sun. You and the rest of your cronies should appreciate that civilized men allow un-civilized men as yourself and the lot of you to carry on without such repercussions.

    Hopefull you will meet a larger SCU@##m@#RBAG then yourself down the road that road is getting shorter as you read, you F'n SCHILL.

    Men like you if there is a greater reward should pray you will not have to stand trial at the gates infront of men like the longtime VLNC shareholder who actually belived you represented something more but turns out you are nothing more then a selfish billionare.

    Your next charity event perhaps we all the VLNC share holders can all meet and JEER at you that your nothing more then a sloth that mislead and hurt many just so you could add to your Billions, you F'n POS.

    This SEC if it can't fix the problem that allows such nonsense to happen is PART of the PROBLEM then.

    Perhaps one day if I should find you in thirst on the road I can urinate in a bottle and hand it off to you with the remark, "here you go you F'n lying, cheating, misrepresenting COWARD.

    Your old man would be proud of you CARL and I am sure he is looking down upon you saying "that's my boy!! being a billionaire wasn't enough he had to make sure to rip the heart and soul out of the men and women that believed him and his vision" just so could die with a few more bucks in the account. If you donate it to charity upon your fragile and mortal life you can add the phrase "part from the VLNC shareholers that I stepped on for no more reason but because I could."

    Carl I see men treat dogs better then how you treat your fellow man kind.

    If you find yourself in the middle of something terrible and ask the question "WHY are you doing this?" You have your answer.

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    • Carl you FAT F!!

      Now you can stuff your mouth with 4 donuts instead of 2? you couldn't afford the 4 donuts without stealing and cheating the vlnc retail shareholders who believed in you and your vision?

      You had to F'ng steal their money?

      Let me know when you finish with box of DD and we can all pitch and get you another one you FAT F !

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      • There are 40 shareholders on the yahoo groups site who are all frustrated at Carl, Kanode. And many of them feel Carl stole money from them. I saw it as a manipulation of a public company as well as gross negligence of their Fiduciary responsibilities. the company has been milking the shareholders for years just for carls opportunity to do what he just did it appears. they are waiting for things to happen. most of them have a significant amount of shares in comparison to me so they had a lot of money in this company.

    • I can taste your bile. Even if Berg has manipulated all of this, Kanode is the one who mislead and is liable to stockholders.

      What has happened to the law suit? Is it dead in the water? I still haven't been accepted to the yahoo group.

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      • You should not onlyl taste my bile but also as well as the rest of ours.

        What kind of statement is that RAD? Are you a schill as well? Cause your talking like one!

        That F'er Carl Berg, Robert Kanode and VLNC's Board stole our money with their lies and mis-representation now some of you are implying one should be investing in VLNC Bankrupt shares with perhaps oh HOPE since they are offering another one of their fledgling SC@#UBAGS who is being appointed to the board...third party my ssssss!! shares which probably will have much different underlining values then the common share.

        Tell VLNC and yourself to go F URSELF, RAD if your going to stand up for them after they have clearly been POS, my bad, lying and mis-representing POS.

        I HOPE THE F'NG SEC doesn't have its head up their SSSS. I am so upset, I am ready to take $5G AD out in NY Times questioning VLNC of its tactics and SEC being helpless or helpful to such men to further their own personal cause at the expense of others. I have a few more BUCKS to hammer them in the public eye and expose them for what they all are.

        Carl the philanthropist my SSSS.

        Email me if your interested in taking this to a national level in the NY TIMES. We run a few adds on a the weekend.

        You should ALL be writing to the SEC and asking them if they are stupid or just unable to stop Sc@%$R#mbags like Carl Berg and Robert Kanode from cheating investors?

      • Rad, you are in the group.

        Sorry, I was out for a week. I will make sure there are other moderators for the group.