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  • iconhater iconhater Feb 17, 2000 5:06 PM Flag

    Valence files S-3 on 2/17.

    Is anyone evaluating the laptop battery? My
    impression from those that attended was that VLNC wasn't
    even close to being able to mass produce it. If so, I
    doubt orders will be just around the corner. I hope I'm

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    • According to the last conference call (and
      confirmed offline at the meeting), there are 50 OEMs
      testing all types of Valence cells, and the cells are
      being tested for a total of 115 'types'

      Of the 115 product types, 3/4 are

      BTW, they have been able to produce enough laptop
      cells to deliver to any OEMs initial startup, if any
      OEMs were ready to launch a product. The timeline is
      being driven by the OEMs product design cycles.

      That being said, the Klockner machine has been
      refitted to produce the Globalstar cells instead of the
      4x4 cells, meaning that initial laptop cell
      production will come off the new FABLE (sp?) machine
      currently being test-run (after having been relocated from
      Alliant). This is an assembly machine capable of being
      readjusted via computer control to manufacture cells of any
      size, up to 12" even. We saw this machine in the video,
      and it is enormous. Perfect for doing runs of a few
      thousand to many tens of thousands, of a unique

      Remember, any laptop launches will have a natural
      progression. By the time any new designs are in demand to the
      tune of 100k units or more, Valence will be putting in
      place the 5th assembly line, which is 'third
      generation' equipment from Germany capable of producing 40
      laptop *cells* per minute.

      Conversely, are
      laptop POs 'around the corner?' Well, I haven't been
      expecting them until summer or so. There is, however,
      existing production capacity for all sorts of additional
      cellphone, webphone, and pda device cell applications. To
      the tune of over $100M/year, from lines 1-3. (FABLE
      being line 4) So I would expect a continued procession
      of PO announcements as we move into spring and

      Hope this helps.