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  • drdoll drdoll Mar 6, 2000 4:35 PM Flag


    Every handheld device will need a battery and in two years there will be zillions of those babies on the street! You gotta love it!!

    p.s. Is it H & S time noway?

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    • >>Gotta think berg is getting impatient with the levitator... <<

      Berg has always been impatient with Lev -- and he also still believes VLNC will move him up another 100 spots on the Forbes 400 . . .

    • Well, if you don't want Bergs stock tips, how about the following?:

      Charles A. DiSanza Senior Vice President
      New York Office
      Mr. DiSanza, a Senior Vice President and research analyst covering the telecommunications industry, joined GKM in 1993 after working seven years at his own firm, Charles DiSanza Associates. Previously, he was at Drexel Burham Lambert where he was a member of the Institutional Investor All-America Team for telecommunications equipment, and received strong Greenwich Associates rankings in both equipment and services. Earlier he worked with Alliance Capital, F. Eberstadt and Dean Witter. Mr. DiSanza is a founder of the Communications Technologies Analysts Association and is also a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts, Electronics Analyst Group and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He earned a BS and an MBA from The University of Connecticut.


      EGLOD - eGlobe
      ERICY - Ericsson
      LU - Lucent Technologies MOT - Motorola
      NOK - Nokia
      NT - Nortel Networks NXTL - Nextel Communications
      USWC - US Wireless
      VLNC - Valence Technology WCOM - MCI WorldCom

    • What, is Berg going to give me stock tips?

      Gotta think berg is getting impatient with the levitator...

    • Great call, you guys. You make Nostradamus look like an amateur. I also love your humility. By the way, I sold at $42, just bought back in at $4, thanks to my discount broker, Lionel (Lyin') Lipschitz. Ok, gotta go as my house is starting to flood.

    • Better try to get in touch with Berg, he doesn't like to lose money.

    • if there is lipoly in a product we are going to get paid and this stock is "validated"


      so far it is just guess-ulation

    • Vlnc is burning throught the cash again, already searching for the next round. Next quarter, with the company estimate of a measely $3M in sales (of course they will refer to a sequential increase of 50%), we should see (.29).

      Less than three quarters of cash as I see it.

      CIBC will lower earnings estimates, unless Pfau has already been whacked, or doesn't care about his II ranking. Shit, he has $100M in sales predicted this year, how can he call himself an analyst. Greenberg is the only one close to calling this company.

      Palm Pilots are getting produced and sold with Lipoly (according to that latest article posted on this board) and VLNC doesn't have any batteries in them. What gives? Isn't vlnc the leader in this field? What a joke.

      We will see sub $5 in less than three weeks. There is a lot of institutional ownership that is very fickle.

    • <<Hey Larry, regarding my post from a year ago I said buy VLNC and put it away for FIVE YEARS and as you can see I'm still here.>>

      Yes, but if one had waited one year to follow your advice to buy them at put them away, one could have had 5X as many shares to buy and put away. LOL!

    • <<Wavc has now gotten hammered with the tech crash of late and is a perfect candidate for the Nasdaq/vlnc/wavc theory>>

      Gee, WAVC getting hammered might have something to do with the fact that it was being touted to generate $20 million in revenue last year and managed to do $4 million? That it continues to lose money? Nah, couldn't be the fact it has no fundamentals. It's simply the market. LOL!

    • Right you are on "bash-turds" it shall be. In all fairness to noweight, he was referring to wavc in that message. However, he was totally wrong on that stock at that time as it went up to $15 as soon as he said it was going down to $1.
      Wavc has now gotten hammered with the tech crash of late and is a perfect candidate for the Nasdaq/vlnc/wavc theory. I will follow up later with some comparitive charts.


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