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  • eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Apr 7, 2009 11:12 AM Flag

    panic sell on news already released?


    Keyes comes out and lets everyone know they will be hit with a going concern because the debt due but revolver secured. On same page as negative news below is the news the banks backing up BBI. SEC needs to get involved on the minupulation. Oh well I hope everyone sells and loses money. Only fools selling today. BBI pulled in .41 cents a share the latest quarter and on pace to save more than the revolver being able to pay down the revolver before its due next "september 2010"
    So go ahead and let the shorts cover they are loving it along with daytraders that know this is a 3 bagger. They will post its going BK, or look at the competition, or a loss last quarter. If you are throwing darts at stocks then get out you are pathetic and need to invest in OTC stocks. The company and Netflix can compete just like we have 20 retailers/grocers/shoe companies etc... The loss last quarter was an impairment charge and that for all the fools selling means no cash transaction or they didn't lose the money but its okay sell sell sell. This company if it was going to go BK would be sometime in 2015/2016 after paying down the revolver and only if the economy went in the toilet from 2011-2014 and unlike most recessions people stopped renting movies and playing games. But oh ya that doesn't happen so sell sell sell. I want all the idiots out of the stock so we can see this pull back to 2.5 without you...

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    • If the number of negative posters doesn't tell you anything than keep your eye on the short numbers over the next month and the institutional shares owned. They are both winning for now. And that is fine on institutions but for the shorts they know it spells blood in the future so they will work hard on this board to create fear so you sell shares and they can make money. I hope you all sell push it all the way down and I'll make even more on the ride up as I average. GL to all longs you will make a killing... Look at all the crazy posts with now facts just fear.

    • still at .77 crazy, even B shares are at a even holding... Daytraders still need out so will be a push up or they lose.

    • Don't know if I will touch this stock again based on the news that they may be forced to close the retail spaces. They don't have a hold in any other market other than the Brick and Mortar and it will be too hard for them to take enough market share from Netflix on the mail service....this is a big problem IMO. Good luck longs....but I'm gonna watch for now...could get dangerous!

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      • This might be the funniest post I've ever read on a yahoo message board (which is really saying something).

        I think you're missing the point of that article that you read. When the author wrote that they may have to close the retail stores, he meant that they'd be BANKRUPT. He didn't mean that they'd close the retail stores and just live off of their on-line service and/or kiosks.

        It's bad enough that you're basing your investment decisions on an article from a clueless writer at a PC magazine. It's worse that you can't even understand what the article is saying...

      • Are you serious? Ofcourse your not you are covering a short position and congrats all can today so go ahead and you get a final victory.

        If your serious Keyes already said as part of the deal to restructure the debt they are renegotiating leases and closing a few stores???

        So kidding again I quess on the Netflix thing. Have you every been into a BBI store quess not they are packed and same store sales up 4.4% but don't take my word on it KEYES let us all know in the CC Call.

        Wait Competition so then Walmart must be getting killed by Target no I mean Sears no I mean Kohls no are you kidding me competition allows you the customer choice and so you get good deals and both only have room to grow.

        BBI is started to test allowing games to be part of there deal for online as well as having a turn instore so you don't have to wait for the mail but go ahead and attack that somehow.

        So you were kidding for idiot investors. But dont' worry you won't get my shares your gonna get the dumb ones but any share allows you to cover and if your not short don't invest as you need to learn more first.

      • "on the news that they may be forced to close the retail spaces."

        You're an idiot.