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  • sath_man sath_man Oct 15, 2009 11:39 AM Flag


    I just fired up the new Blockbuster icon on my Samsung 1590 Blu Ray player and it leaves alot to be desired.

    Many of the movies are new releases and look interesting to watch but there is one slight problem of the cost. The cost to buy the digital movie is about the same as it would be to buy a physical copy in the store.

    Personally, I would rather have the physical copy of the movie then just a digital copy. At least with the physical copy I can take it a friends house.

    Also, there are no TV shows as of yet but I am sure they will be added with time.

    Sadly, I think this is just another attempt by Blockbuster to make a buck and the only company that will come out ahead will be Samsung.

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    • CSTR is one trick pony in the delivering of movies, but has tons of experience with kiosks etc.

      Coinstar, Inc. (Coinstar) is a multi-national company offering a range of 4th Wall solutions for retailers’ storefronts. The Company’s services consist of self-service coin counting; self-service digital versatile disc (DVD) kiosks where consumers can rent or purchase movies; entertainment services, such as skill-crane machines, bulk vending machines and kiddie rides, money transfer services, and electronic payment (e-payment) services, such as stored value cards, payroll cards, prepaid debit cards and prepaid wireless products via point-of-sale terminals and stored value kiosks. The Company operates in four segments: Coin and Entertainment services, DVD services, Money Transfer services and E-payment Services.

      Yeah they have no idea what they are doing. They are not multifaceted. They don't have a name to compete with Blockbuster. They are just plain useless if you listen to a BBI pumptard.

    • Most people don't download to purchase, they rent it for a driving to the store, no returns, etc. You seem a little one sided in your analysis (I believe you totally misrepresent the purpose of the Samsung deal), could it be that you have an agenda to post misinformation or misleading people into reconsidering their investment in BBI. Are you shorts getting nervous? LOL.

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      • I understand and agree that many people just want to rent movies at home but I personally cannot justify having just a digital copy bought or rent.

        There are still many people that enjoy the outing and having the physical item.

        Depending on how this is advertised and promoted will give us some indication how will this will work.

        I think the largest hurdle that Blockbuster currently has is Netflix and Netflix ability to deliver on demand movies for pennies per movie a month along with a physical product.