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  • patricia_baronowski patricia_baronowski Feb 29, 2012 4:13 PM Flag

    Webcast Update/Replay

    If you didn't get to listen to the webcast - you can find the replay here or

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    • The day after the conference call (Feb 24) the stock closed at 1.20. All sorts of rosy forecasts for the company were given none of which have panned out. No one should be surprised here. Today the stock closed at $1.04. Need I say more?

      On another topic; The company in the past has had a poor record in transparency. Sometimes people change, and companies change though not often. Has Cnr changed? Do they have an auditor? Have they taken down that disgusting notice down from their website that says Cnr is not responsible for the accuracy of their financial statements? Is there someone at the company available at all times to answer all your financial questions?

    • At this web cast there was 23 minutes devoted to financials and 39 seconds to questions. Those 39 seconds were devoted to directing those with questions to emailing their questions to which the company promised to post responses to. I have seen no responses anywhere. My gut feeling is
      that for all of you potential new investors is that you are swimming with sharks. In other words this is a predatory company that feeds on new investors. Lets hope this is not the case but the company has a whole lot to do before winning back investor confidence.

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      • You should've given it 1-star and then posted your reply as a new topic.

        Just to let you know, I expect all of my family's shares to be sold above $1
        then repurchased times 10 or more below 10 cents per share
        BEFORE the Election in November.

        In addition, I want the company to temporarily repurchase at least half of its float
        below 10 cents then resell them (maybe more) for not less than $5 by February
        to repay all debt-financing with plenty of capital to spare.

        Your criminal Wall Street gang has done enormous harm to this investment and China.
        My compensation demand is quite reasonable don't you think.

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