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  • biggun530 biggun530 May 8, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    What shall tomorrow bring?

    I almost sold my non Ira holdings of DKM but I held on and what a nice day today. Still, King, Rusty, whats your opinion of tomorrow? I suspect Friday to be a sell off but I am hoping that tomorrow will see 17. Good luck to all. PS I am all in on my Ira holdings and that I shall hold. 5700 shares at .88 and I hope Mr Bass is right.

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    • congrats on your trade in the will be able to get this at $14.50 - $ 15.25 i believe....this is now almost $2 below the high of $17.88 on Weds......those folks are underwater and the volume at that range between $17.49 and $17.88 was almost 600k do they feel?...they are momo traders and they won't wait long if this slides below $15.75...and the MM's know it!

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    • Big, looks like volume is clearly abating now. Fear I have is short term players will feel Stuck and abandon more quickly than not. If they bot 100k shares yesterday and only see 200 trade all day today, they will get a bit panicky. As such, expect heightened volatility as they exit. Likely Fibonacci takes us to $14.5. I now think you'll see that before 17 (however, I have very little confidence in that statement...wait 10 minutes and Murphy's law says I'll be proven wrong). If a 1.75 potential fall makes you uncomfortable though, sell down to a level where you don't lose sleep on it!

    • Hard to say cause by any metric, stock remains very cheap. It has had quite a run, but that doesn't mean there isn't much more to go. Well below high of last BK, only nominally above year high on Dex, and yet big benefits of extended maturity and scrunch savings. Last two days has seen down in morning and up in afternoon, perhaps that continues. Even with sell from 17.5 to today's close, I still see no sign of getting tired near term, so suspect you are right about hitting 17 again. You have enough shares where you don't need to make "all or nothing decisions"...scale. Focus on volume not price, you'll know when it is done by volume abatement first. Near term is always tough, esp after such a huge move, but longer term this is goin up a lot more!!!! Hope this helps.

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