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  • chad121177 chad121177 Jul 1, 2009 7:20 AM Flag

    milu say cali BK good for stock

    milu tell me cali going bk good for stock and espesheealey for ryland homes. milu say ryland home goin to pick up sale cause more pople in cali lookin to move from their since it bankrupt and now want to move to east coast to bye ryland home houses. milu my best friend and good china-man. milu help me with investmants and smoke weed and drink 40 oz's with me. me like milu and enjoy banging whores with him. he have huge weener for little china man and women dig him. he my idol. now back to stock market. milu say futures soreing today because california bankrupt good for market because it mean more consumers going to get more government checks to fuel economy. milu say ryland homes in best position to profit from all the california mexicans who are moving and lookin four new home. milu better than pete lench and my best friend. milu also say when nevada go bankrupt market will like news even more because more people move from there and move to east coast to bye more ryland property. ryland homes best of breed and a purebread company with great ceo. milu say market should be up HUGE today on this great news and ryland stock should surge to the 20's by end of week. ok, time for me to smoke weed while i prepare myself to get rich from ryland home stock. i encurrage you people to do same. i dont' want to be rich alone. i need good friends to get rich with me so we can smoke weed, drink old english 40 ozs and bang beatiful whores. be partriotic and bye ryland home stock.

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