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  • bistaligna bistaligna Jul 24, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    davidf, and you must have thought the

    bored was going to die. they come out of the woodwork with no information but to bash me. i would have been gone if not for the snotty remark by waste size 42 or iq 42.

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    • Smart-ast kid programmers.
      I see Sen Rockefeller (?) from W. Va. is concerned about cable costs rising out of control. Perhaps when they get around to investigating, they will see that Viacom is charging the carriers more, and improving their own profit line. The cable cos. pass their costs on to their customers, competition is not generating lower costs. When they (the govt) discover (like they're blind) that Viacom and CBS are paying their executives well over 160 million dollars (combined) annually, and cable carrier profit income is literally flowing directly into their pockets (CBS and Viacom), they might have a few questions to ask.
      BTW, I have a 39 inch waste, and an IQ of 139.

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      • you're right. but the execs at cbs and viacom are geniuses. don't forget the siamese twins at viacom phillipe/dooley together they pull down almost $150,000 yes, $150,000

        i'm a 34 with a 155 lbs. if i had an iq i wouldn't be doing this. up today my wife said and i answered, "it's been down so long don't know if it can get up anymore.

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