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  • ihatesprint2002 ihatesprint2002 Nov 8, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    What I do know about CBS

    A few years ago this was a $4 stock. It was there for a reason.

    According to Yahoo Finance this stock has over 80% institutional ownership. At some point they need someone to sell to (i.e. bag holders). The way to create buyers is through good publicity. This is a media company. They specialize in publicity so of course they are going to be good at it.

    I see PR very similar to what I see in shell companies. Obviously CBS is not a shell company but the way the people talk about this company seems all "fluffy" to me.

    I suppose only time will tell but this economy is very tough and I don't see people connected to this stock being honest about that. I also see very little mention of the revenue miss. How do you act like everything is on target when you miss analysts revenue targets?

    Figure it our for yourself.

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    • You know very little about CBS. The 80% ownership applies ton the CBS B shares which have no, know, bubkis say in this company like VGiacom. Sumner Dedstone owns 79% of the CBS A shares which are the voting shares. Before the swhares were $4, they were $35 paying a buck a share dividend.

      That's enough for todays lesson. My read is that you don't own a round lot of CBS.

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      • I do not own CBS shares. I will not own CBS shares ever most likely. I'm not talking about "say" in the company. I'm talking about a lot of shares that lost a lot of money on the way down to $4 and I'm sure there were some very unhappy people in high positions. Those people are going to be looking for a way out at some point. They can't get out without enticing new money. I assure you that I do not need a lesson. I've debated with guys like you many times for many years.

        In 2002 when I created this account I spent hours debating with people pumping Sprint PCS stock. They were nowhere to be found in 2003 or since.

        In 2010/2011 I was having this conversation with people pumping DNDN stock.

        Talk your big game now but you can only squeeze a certain amount of earnings increases out of mostly flat revenue streams.

        NOK was paying a big dividend just before that stock collapsed. Dividends are sometimes used as a golden handcuff for new investors while the old money finds its way out.

        The bottom line is I see a lot of fluff press releases. Only time will tell if they can back it up.

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